Very old one artist ’94

In Hrodna started exhibition of European charts. It presents 102 of 32 painters. At the opening of the painters came, diplomats, students and students of art schools.
Correspondent"In the city of Grodno exhibition hall exhibition of graphics in the second international art plein air" Grodno — road intersection. " Organizers, except the executive committee, as the Consulate General of Poland and Lithuania.
Curator of the exhibition Yuri Yakovenko, Is it true that all the work out of your personal collection? "
Yakovenko"It is not true, I have asked our other painters, as the guys from work brought Minsk. It team, and did not have much time to write in Bulgaria or Poland to work passed."
Correspondent"And how many of the countries here on schedule?"
Yakovenko"I never thought, when the countries, it is Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, Belarus."
Correspondent"And what else unusual that there still is a feature?"
Yakovenko"Very large age range from 94 to 24 years creators. There are masters, classics Brunovský, Gazovich, European color graphics. A ’94 Gulin, Italy."

Erotic graphic Vladimir Gazovicha from SlovakiaCorrespondent"I saw that some erotic scenes, for example."
Yakovenko"We are in Grodno in particular showed no such work with erotic slant, but it’s a big reservoir. I do not want to say that it only collected some old, but ninety percent of old collectors specifically really have such weird slant on erotic art. Normally in Europe exhibitions of erotic drawing, erotic art, bookplates. For us, it maybe a little surprising, but slowly you need to demonstrate that layer. "
In pictures: the exhibition; erotic graphics Vladimir Gazovicha from Slovakia.

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