Viennese Waltz for Rector Shimova

"March 27-29 in Vienna will host a conference" Belarus in Europe: Economic cooperation and political dialogue. " The conference will accept the role of representatives of the Austrian government and companies, as a number of speakers from Belarus.
Rector also invited the middle BGEU — Vladimir Shimov who once served as Minister of Economy of Belarus. As rector, he is more famous for zeal possible more toady to control the country through public-active students. The most resounding case became an excellent pupil-student allocation Tatiana Homa in November of 2005 due to "travel abroad without the permission of the rector" to the Congress of the European student organization, where she was elected to the executive committee of this organization.

Tatiana HomaAccruals Tatiana was the signal for all Belarusian students recently the presidential campaign of 2006. This was an extreme example — for social and political activities will deduct, excellent grades and responsible training will not interfere with this. To intimidate the students had not been treated using Shimov KGB. Employees summoned for an interview students who have studied or lived together in a dorm with Tatiana, and other socially active students.
After a few months, when presidential elections were held in 2006 and the March unrest with protests and hundreds of students were arrested and convicted for the day, they were in danger of expulsion. With respect to their rector Shimov like other presidents Belarusian institutions used shameful practice of Russian past. Students were forced to publicly repent for what they have participated in the protests, to recognize the inaccuracy of their actions, almost to strike a deal with his conscience. For this, they promised not to exclude them from the institutions.
In 2006, the Human Rights Center "Viasna" appealed to international organizations and foreign governments to have brought the name of the Rector of the list of servants of a regime, must be denied check in some countries. Similar measures have been taken against Belarusian officials who violate human rights, and arbitrators who illegally throw people in jail.
The reason for that — ethe man through their actions did much to destroy a lot of the student movement in Belarus and intimidation of students regarding at least some public activities. In addition, hedid it particularly cynical and ruthless, feeling their irresponsibility under the guise of the current authorities in Belarus. And because foreign governments may even somehow bring him to justice by limiting his ability to travel and spend money on it Belarusian students (BGEU number of paying students for more than 60%).
This Friday Rector Shimov come to Vienna to participate in a conference on the economy of Belarus. Just Vienna currently lives and excluded them Tatyana, who despite several ships was not restored in BGEU and received an offer to continue his education at the Vienna Institute with the support of private Austrian company. Participating in the conference in Vienna, Rector Shimov get the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe, will live in a decent hotel, perhaps, receive a fee for his performance or reduce it to the opera, he can visit his own son and grandchildren, living in adjacent Prague. At least some people have the right to these nice things.
But also expelled or intimidated by their students have their rights, Rector Shimov offended. "
The program of the conference.
Registration and site organizers.
From the Editor: Radio Liberty plans to cover the conference in Vienna.

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