Vietnam not only Lukashenko

My first recollection of Hanoi — the streets, hung with reddish posters with portraits of Ho Chi Minh and modern favorites and communist slogans. They are fun to look in the midst of Neon advertising of expensive boutiques and CPCs: paradoxical combination of communism and capitalism.
Vietnam and Belarus
In the midst of my friends vietnamtsav — educated people — many heard the word "Belarus" — here responds: "Minsk". In the main, however, it is the older generation, many of them trained in Minsk and there were travel, traveling to the Soviet Union during the cool times of war.
But virtually everyone knows the Soviet brand bike "Minsk". Vietnamese biker club called "Minsk" and I do not believe disgusted when I was offered the tourist bureau ride the bike "Minsk" as specifically Vietnamese features.

If vietnamtsy questioned me about Belarus, find very many similarities. The official doctrine of the party and is now referred to as "market socialism." They laughed a lot when I claimed it Lukashenko invented such time …
In Vietnam, as before full political control of the party. I asked about the opposition — I was told that there is a strictly conspiratorial dissidents, which the Vietnamese press calls "reactionary terrorists", but about their ordinary vietnamets can find only when the newspapers write about their arrest.
When I tried to ask about the opposition, then beheld, usually negative and skeptical attitude towards it. My friends vietnamtsy been explained that it goes back to wartime, when a pro-American propagandists were considered as the fifth column, traitors and enemies of concrete. But in general most of vietnamtsav number of those whom I met — a very apolitical. From other media elders secretly listens Radio Free Asia on small waves.
In those entrepreneurs with whom I spoke, the financial policy of the government is sympathy. With On the other hand, they expostulated that society — the middle part of rural inhabitants, and not only — grows support "an old guard" that opposes liberalization and a return to the principles of Ho Chi Minh City (State indisputable idol).
Precautionary conservatives — that liberalization and globalization Vietnam losing national and cultural peculiarities, traditions will be forgotten, but instead will come this "lawlessness, terrorism and pornography."
Financial policy is on the way for the liberalization of the Chinese model. In the main towns there is a high middle class, which grows very fast — usually young people, masters of international companies.
Hanoi and Saigon made of luxurious boutiques: Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Rolex, Vertu … Superdaragaya by Vietnamese standards Highlands coffee cafe chain is constantly full.
My friends were in charge of business that meets European investor favorable reception everywhere — and in the midst of business colleagues, and among municipal officials. Bureaucratic red tape — a tremendous, but anyone who will want to look for ways to bypass using is not very huge "bakshyshav." Although the government is prepared to look through almost all the fingers, if the project attracts investment in the country, with On the other hand, for example, the Chinese not so long ago was introduced the death penalty for corruption municipal bureaucrats, so that huge bribes to fear here and take it, and give.

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