Village Chernobyl 22 years after the accident

Just 20 kilometers from Khoyniki — Rudavka village. On arrival — a symbol of "Radiation hazard. Denied entrance and check." But the road to the former settlement razezhzhanaya in the village dogs barking. On the street I meet a lady. It calls itself: Catherine Ignatenko. And on that mourn:
"I — all alone lady. I have no kids and no one anywhere. I have 78 years will in September. Worked for 63 years. And from me at the moment require to pay for the hut. Previously did not take anything, but at the moment — 500 thousand rubles. Stuck in putrid hut. And nowhere to go. Since the village is buried scattered houses. But I’ve to pay for it gnille. "
Camping grandmother Catherine — under siege haggard buildings and dry bush. Hard to imagine how she suffered here the winter.
"I myself went to the briquetting plant. Paying for the car itself, for briquette too. Besides for firewood. This blank cost me 500 thousand rubles. That live whereupon . "

Catherine Ignatenko
"Insult! They do not look at these lonely and defenseless. Chairman To go, then he will not lift the eye. A that read — Maybe tomorrow I will die … "
Recluse in resettled villages Gubarevichy lives Hope Zorin. Lady retirement age. I ran out of town, renovated a house here. Ms. Zorina outlook:
"Even after Chernobyl there was lively village. Ever here and live on. But as one moved, the other — in Minsk, Minsk, Minsk … That whole street is ours — all dead. And my godmother, and a neighbor — died. And the man died. And the neighbor, and this. From 1st end of the village — to another. "
As it turns out, they buried their relatives and countrymen far from the native angle.

Hope Zorin
In resettled area grandmother Hope raises cows and four pig:
"And how many children we have unfortunate? And how many others who need help! Must also fat! And the milk needed! Potatoes too. Right now non-Russians were coming to take the potatoes. Everybody wants to buy something here. Hunt all live and eat with relish" .
Reporter: "Here, in the area of purchase? Is it possible?"

Galina Chukhno
"Once onions, maybe 500 kg, took NIGHT MODE. Dog barked, but I was frightened to go out. Woz and put his worn scattered. And ducks taken away!"
Or appealed to the police lady?
"Addressed as onions stolen. So policeman came a day or three, but nothing like here did not help me …"

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