Vitebsk: defenders fined and arrested

BHC members from Vitebsk Paul Levinau awarded a fine or imprisonment for 10 days Tipo hooliganism and disobeying police. More 1st Vitebsk pravvaabarontsu Leonid Svetsik, KGB summoned for questioning, for previously conducted a search of his apartment.
In Railroad District Court razvyarshyvsya the trial of Paul Lyavinau. Train district court referee Valentin Kismyaroshkina recognized him guilty under Articles 17.1 and 23.4 of the Code Republic of Belarus about administratyynyh offenses.
Sovereign Levinau sentenced to 10 days of arrest — for disorderly conduct, and a fine of 700 thousand rubles — for disobeying police during his arrest near the apartment-independent journalist Vadim Borshevsky to which human rights have come to provide legal assistance during the search on March 27.
Referee read the judgment in the absence of the defendant’s rights activists, though he warned in advance that will not be able to come to the current trial. This event Levinov Paul considers violation of the law, and on this occasion he had already filed a complaint with supreme tribunal. Court ruling it also means appeal as kateagrychna not agree with the prosecution.
Compiled by police reports about the offense he believes rigged by this occasion it is from March 27 to April 10 announced a hunger strike, and the tribunal came to a T-shirt with the inscription "neprelichno not express."
Now it became clear that on May 23 in an apartment in Vitebsk human rights activist Leonid Svetsik KGB officers raided, before "revealing the decision to institute criminal proceedings under article 130.1 of the Penal Code for" inciting ethnic and religious hatred. " According to this document, Leonid Svetsik Tipo is witnessed by the fact of threats by some citizens of the local RNE.
The search lasted from 9 am to 6 pm, then the KGB seized from the apartment of human rights activist computer, other technical equipment and printed materials. Leonid Svetsik itself after the KGB interrogated by writing his testimony at the camera.
According to the views of the Vitebsk opposition Boris Khamaida who once consulted with Leonid Svetsik upon receipt of letters on behalf of the dangers of "Vitebsk Branch RNE" search and KGB Interrogation can be considered an attempt to intimidate human rights activist who helped make statements to the prosecutor to open a criminal case and look for those who are threatened Vitebsk activists of the unregistered Belarusian pro-Nazi organization. Letters on behalf of "RNE" began to appear in Vitebsk with 2005, before This time and did not initiate any criminal case.

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