Vitebsk: the referee Beetle survived 7-tap

Levinau Paul, who is on trial for the Tipo hooliganism and disobedience police officers, arbitrator refused to grmadkim his representative in court was the brother of Andrew Levin.
As the defender was denied transferring court on the grounds that to This time no response is received from the prosecutor Vitebsk region to which Levinov applied for termination of administrative affairs.
The case against him was filed on March 27 after being detained near the apartment Vitebsk-independent journalist Vadim Borshevsky: wanting to be a human rights activist during a search of the journalist, but the police took him to the station. In character protest unfair, in his view, detention, Paul Levinov hunger strike, which holds up to This time.
The trial of Paul Lyavinau began March 28. Continuation of trial to be held on April 21.
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