Vitebsk: three young women detained

Vitebsk opposition youth spent the evening there is now an action of solidarity with political prisoners.
About 10 Single people lined the sidewalks with portraits of Alexander Kozulin, Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich Vitebsk businessman. 10 minutes after the beginning of the action the police appealed to the participants with the requirement to disperse. 3 women who refused to comply with this requirement, police taken to the office.
Detainees took explanations about what they were doing with portraits, while police kept them in a certain district department legislation 3 hours. It violationozaschitniki and friends of detainees recorded in the book of complaints, and the representative of the BHC Levinov Paul called the Provincial Department of the Interior Ministry, demanding immediately release minors.
Almost four hours Yulia Mikhailova, Victoria and Cristina Siskin go home with relatives who took them from the police. For all 3 women this is the second arrest in the past month: the last time they were in office on March 24, the other day Will a day or.

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