Vyachorka Fedorova planted, as it — BPF activist

The current trial was the 19th in a row in consideration criminal case Alexander Fedorov. He was arrested back in Last year June 14. During the first 9 months of investigation have lumped several volumes of evidence, the court appeared 10s surnames. Conclusion — in Shklou municipal services with the technical upgrading of production used illegal methods violated the procedure of payment of salaries. Previous Head Shklovsky Housing Kastusyou Gregory says:
"If you start to dig a little deeper, you will need to put in jail huge bunch of people. Was necessary Kommunkhoz to start another trial. Some facts Alexander Fedorov acknowledged personally. But he said, that did so in order to keep objects, for which he was responsible, in working condition. As legitimate ways neither the means nor the materials nor the right equipment to get the repair and service does not have the ability. But I can confidently say that these methods use many executives and companies, and production departments of companies. "
Grigory Kostusev recalls that before the conclusion of the master Fedorov rules Shklou 3-boilers, and they all were considered exemplary. With all this not Fedorov had the right to sign financial documents without cash disposed above it was still the highest vertical different bosses. What did real wine Alexander Fedorov? Ideology Deputy Chairman BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka:
"In Belarus present day, perhaps no 1st business executive, on which one could not find a legal and financial hook. And because a huge amount of majestic smart business executives wasting time at this point in their days of Belarusian bullpen and camps. And Alexander Fedorov then completely no exception. I have no doubt that he was obliged, as they say at the moment, in order to spin, so this whole economy could function normally in an abnormal economic criteria. He was still on his own workplace. Another thing, the system is not regular. He was in primarily victim of this system. For the fact that he — an activist organization managing the BNF — during which he was imprisoned. "
Vintsuk Vyachorka also noted that Alexander Fedorov — an active participant in the election campaigns. In 2001, during the presidential elections, he was arrested by order of the public prosecutor, but soon released.

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