We contrasted the church — the club …

"Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1928, informs: "In lenkutkah and barracks with slogans, held readings, conversations with the Red Army on the anti-religious theme. Together with friendly organizations held a general meeting on" The Cultural Revolution and religion "and staged an anti-religious play … All the Red Army will be shrouded in mass work and, obviously, do not go to church. We contrasted the church — a club clerical luhtse — reasonable fun. "
"Star" in 1958, writes: "From the brochure" Is there a god? "P.Pavelkina reader will find out why there were different peoples of different religions and different gods. While white people are white-man’s own god and devil portrayed black colored peoples, for example, dark, believe that their god is dark, and the devil are pure white. This vivid proof that no god made man, and the people themselves have made for themselves gods in their own image and likeness. "
In 1968, "Evening Minsk" reported: "Vultures", "Methods", "beautiful girls do not take", "Forest Glade", "Blue Guitar" — it is far from a complete list of titles amateur societies that assumed the role of First elektragitarnyh city festival orchestras. This overview of mastery elektragitarystav capital held in the auditorium of the Minsk Radio Engineering Institute. For the victory at the festival "fought" 12 pop ensembles … Yesterday ended this experimental music festival. Followers of the organizing committee awarded prizes. "

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