We need a kind of family vtsarkavlenne

Ulitenok: "Now there is a perception that the destruction of the Belarusian family — is the result of socio-economic problems faced by the country. And your world?"
Fedoruk: "I certainly believe that this first great spiritual problem of society. People who have lost hope and faith, it is hard to educate children. They do not believe in yourself, is it able to grow adequately replaced."
Ulitenok: "It is believed that as a civilization Belarusians will be saved only when every second family will have 3 kids, and now we have half …"
Fedoruk: "To the chagrin bolshennomu this problem at least some materialistic society — now available in a real invasion of Muslims in Europe. She has five or ten kids! And already quietly admire the European mainland. And indigenous foreground money and career — materialistic eyes to life. "
Ulitenok: "Belarus has paradoxical problem specifically Belarusian-family …"
Fedoruk: "Here is an example of the 1st Ukrainian-independent control of movement of Metropolitan Andrey Shaptytskaga who always advocated that a strong foundation indeed Ukrainian country, its independence is just family. And by reason of thought rooted in society — the one who will change his own wife there are worse municipal offender. fact and kept there a strong national identity. Notwithstanding the Nazi, Soviet occupation, tests with Poland, stately principality … The Bible also testifies to transfer the genetic code, specifically through the family. This is a strong factor. "
Ulitenok"So Makar — talking about a kind of necessity of baptism Belarusian family?"
Fedoruk: "We have to have the love of Christ and the typical vtsarkavlenne families. Striking example for us here is the same as Western Ukraine, where the first through the church and family and preserved language with tradition."

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