We need seven speakers. One for each region

"Lim" on this week 1938 he writes about the book "Belarusian folk and revolutionary songs": "In the 3rd section presents the song" recruiting "and serfs, who for sovetskogo people forever a thing of the past. This section opened successfully song" And there for Suloyu "(from" Letters Belarusian people majestic Stalin "), which connects the accursed past Belarusian people with the fate of workers in Western Belarus, Poland oppressed fascist."
Same "Lim" in 1948 year report M.Katsara prints at the II Congress of the Union of Russian painters of BSSR. Namely, the painting A.Volkava "Rout German groups near Minsk," he says, "In terms of the front of this picture shows the German position, where the Germans were not looking at a huge loss, firmly discourage attacks sovetskogo Army." And where sovetskogo Army? "- asks the viewer. And only after painstaking consideration can be seen in the depths of the picture malehankih men who should represent, according to the creator, the heroic fighters sovetskogo Army."
"Name" in 1998 , under the heading "Rumors" reported: "It is said that the last time to travel to Europe to meet with the world community Semen Sharetsky plaintively asked Europeans" than assist the struggle for democracy? "Confidently replied:" We need seven speakers. One for each region. "And complained that the meeting of the Presidium of the Supreme Council, the Council will soon have to realize the jacket, and later — the pants, and then — to hang himself."

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