We should not find the truth about the death of Marat Kase …

Radio Liberty reporters public editor latest week ordered to prepare the transfer: "Is it possible to educate young patriots on the topic of the second World War." May 9 it sounds.
Public editor this week — recognizable Belarusian writer Valentin Taras. 13-year-old child, he took a weapon and became a partisan. On Friday it will hear an order aimed at the transfer of certain subjects, "Maybe if educate young patriots examples second World War." Now journalist Alexander Ulitenok discusses with Valentin Taras about whether or not children ramantyzavats heroism in the war.
Ulitenok: "The Emperor Valentin, on days of Hero of Socialist Labor, died recognizable teacher Ariadne Kasei, in connection with which the press once again reminded of her brother — the famous Marat Kase. Again, was challenged by the fact that he blew himself up with a grenade Tipo. How do you feel about the topic of child patriotism during the war? "
Taras: "One of the terrible its manifestations — is that even the kids had to take up arms and accurately perform some feats. Children do not happen in war. Speak as hard times affected their need, but you can not sing it. Enjoyed it. involved in this — it is impossible. And even immoral. "
Ulitenok: "And yet, how do you feel about attempts to find the truth here now: Marat blew himself up in fact, or died in another way?"
Taras: "In this particular case, not quite fundamentally, from a grenade he was dead or not … After all, one way or another this boy died. At the same time fighting the enemy. Even if it destroyed an accidental shot, it does not matter. Repeat should not be. Because it does not matter … "
Ulitenok: "My father, when he was a child, the guerrillas for a piece of bread used as spies," fled to Prisno, look, if there is now the Germans, policemen … "And if he blew the case, just put it under the fence to breathe. Thankfully, the case passed by a paramedic, doubted that the boy hopeless … About the same story there and Vasil Bykov mean eminent" Krugloe bridge ".. .
Taras: "Here is the psychology of bitterness when a person forgets that he is dealing with a little boy, a child. Adults consume small, the material — as if a mine or grenade … Spekulyuyuts on his childhood romance or even to ordinary misunderstanding of what is happening — it scared from the moral point of view, this is a terrible catastrophe of war, which we do not know enough, and that was so much …
Bulls also showed that a very great: and truly creepy. And I think that he wrote can be attributed entirely to this here mental, evaluation and nuance to your dad.
— … Is it possible to raise patriotism at the current official filing of the war? On "The Strip Stalin", for example?

Born a new generation, which already has its own life, its own experience

— Under any circumstances! But, of course, try … They tried before the war, creating legends about plain, about Finnish, which, in fact, lost.
— Is it not true that the current veterans — most Russian media stereotypes of Russian historical cliches …
— If the hump past — only one float that keeps a person on the surface of life, what happened, unfortunately, with a large part of our veterans is a failure … Them what life is terrible and that it had now somehow seems almost paradise! Confused because his memoirs of the past with their own youth.
A what to do? Give them live! Let them go out of life under their flags, with his Stalin. Their misfortune is that they believe is not actually experience, and official historiography driven into the head of a myth, but not for himself by …
— After leaving Bykov war is not enough who writes. What do you explain to the crisis of the genre?
— Born a new generation, which already has its own life, its own actual experiences … New time more difficult for our generation lived through. This does not mean that we should not and no one else will write about the war — will, even after 30 years. Anyone who has just been born, but read and Bykov Adamovich, and that the next day went out and brought in the public archives anew … Completely can happen that will excellent work …

Suppose we become normal state, so that all, except historians have forgotten about the war

But at the moment my desire something else: we will let normal state, that on a certain period all except historians have forgotten the war and engaged himself, his own life …
— Want to pass on any parade near Lukashenko?
— For no reason. And most importantly — he is not my commander in chief … I have other — Vasil Bykov, Ales Adamovich …
Exactly 40 years ago, particularly in the days of the solemn, it started to exert pressure KGB say, head of the department of prose magazine "Neman" has no right to "anti-Soviet discussion." Last partisans became the main defendant in the so-called "business Vakulovskay" (this writer and apartments going creators who occupied critical stance towards the regime, the Communist Party and the KGB). Editorial long resisted, but in August, when Russian tanks broke into Prague, editor Andrei Makayonok still said: "Or do you write the statement himself, or I’ll fire you shall on a particular article …" Go with television "asked" spouse "dishonest" writer.
After eight years of Taras Valentine was not published in Belarus, forbade the motion picture on his script. And most were not given permission to travel abroad — in Poland wanted to find relatives who have thrown there by the war. Since that time, the emperor Taras and started doing free writing. Then he became one of the founders of the human rights movement in Belarus, member of the Belarusian PEN, forming one of the Charter 97.
Not in favor Valentin Taras and the new authorities. For example, at the moment when war veterans receive greeting cards, it once again defiantly paid attention. Although from February 1943 to July 44th was the partisans. On Valozhyshchyne.

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