Well, they do not love America, and everything here

Our listeners pratsyagayuts speak of sanctions that the U.S. Department of money imposed against 3 Belarusian companies associated with the concern "Belneftekhim". Under the sanctions were "Lakokraska", "Polotsk-glass" and Belarusian Oil Trade House. The assets of these companies, if they are found in the U.S., freeze. South American citizens are prohibited from having business dealings with these companies.
Man: "I wish to speak about the economic sanctions by the U.S. against Belarusian companies. This unproductive move. History shows that this not a lot of things reach. Examples of Cuba, North Korea and others. I agree with the listener, which states that the need to open the borders and the ability to be opened for the Belarusians. This will slushneyshy direction. "
Ms. Larisa, Minsk: "Some listeners" Liberty "oppose America. Well, they do not love America, and everything here. Resent it means helping our opposition, in other words giving the Bucks. Listened and I am doing a different conclusion: that the Bucks are going to us, and not from us. This profit us. "
SMS message from Galina from Mogilev, "Rod power Lukashenko — a heresy of all elections. Necessary to break the rod, and, as in the parable about the terribly skinny immortal Lukashenko come to an end."
Students ‘Freedom’ expressed about the role or non-participation in the parliamentary elections, to be held in This year autumn.
"As for the elections, I decided myself. Let premature vote, either on the same day. I’ll just go and take an absentee ballot. Suppose for 10 days. Suppose million do so. And they remain these absentee ballots."
Up listener commented lawyer, deputy chairman of the Joint civilian party Sergei Alfer:
"It will not work. In Russian legislation has such a certificate when a person can vote elsewhere (he will vote or not — is another question), and in the Belarusian legislation that is not provided. We provide 3 types of voting: premature, the place of residence Also in the day of voting. "
Continue aaplet call, in which the listener criticizes Radio Liberty:
Man: "Pochetaemaya edition, you took with tracing Russian language"Half an hour." And the announcer says, "the first half-hour one, and another half an hour more." In Russian the same. General measures of time and other physical quantities as literate people are not decreasing, and so they say no. This is stupid, of course. And do not make these tumors. "
Explains linguist Zmiter Savka:
"I think that the listener zakategarychny, if not to say that his statement is not quite what is the basis. Fact, I almost did not even what to denominator, which represents a measure indicating the degree, you can add the prefix "semi". I am sure that "half an hour" was used not only "freedom", and for many years before the "Freedom" appeared. To dispel any doubts, look pretty in "Historical Dictionary of the Belarusian language."
According to Deputy Chief of the General Secondary Education Ministry of Education Mayevskaya Valentine, currently working interdepartmental committee, which discusses the possibility of combining 2-objects — "Global History" and "History of Belarus." If this draft curriculum for the following year is approved, schools will no longer teach the history of Belarus as a separate subject.
Now we have received in connection with the subsequent call:
Sovereign Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "I did not have enough strength to express what I feel when I hear the latest announcements. Impossible to drive the story somewhere. Necessary to make it such, it is. And what perakroyvayutstsa textbooks, and then that almost all hide it is very and very bad. The country must have their face. If that person is not, one thing remains empty byazlikae place on the map. And no one will not be respected. And no one will be considered. So all countries and peoples live. And so must. And then, makingsmiling at us, I think, is done under the dictation of the Kremlin. "
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