West errs when Lukashenko visa issues

That not so long ago seemed unattainable, will soon become a reality: President Lukashenko and other senior bureaucrats from the list of "banned" again can travel through Europe. Students ‘Freedom’ intensely react to this change in position of the European Union concerning the control of contacts with the official Minsk.
Current conversation will start with one of the letters in this topic. We wrote Sergei Kasko from Vitebsk:
"Neuzh then comes a moment when Alexander Lukashenko will take in European capitals at the highest level when he starts traveling the world as a recognized president euro countries? But in Belarus in the near future, nothing has changed. Authority has not fulfilled any of the 1st requirements from among those who insisted on the West. For what reward merit such an authoritarian regime?
All, including international observers, beheld, as we held elections. As a result of the House of Representatives not missed any opposition. Became deputies only those who put forward power. Is that — is democracy? Assume that we have, indeed, a large part of the population supports the power (although personally I doubt very much). But no one, including the government itself, does not refute the fact that millions of people for the president and his appointees did not vote, do not vote and do not intend to vote. Why did they not take into account the position of one? Neuzh they do not have the right to have their own representatives in the parliament?
West admits huge mistake when a blind eye to it all and gives Lukashenko Schengen visa "
, — So says Sergei Kasko of Vitebsk.
Alexander Lukashenko in power in Belarus for the fifteenth year. And the fifteenth year of the Belarusian opposition, without trying to achieve meaningful results in the state of democratic configurations. All this time, the West uniformly increases the pressure on the authoritarian Belarusian regime, introducing visa and economic sanctions, limiting contacts with the authorities, turning political cooperation. Litsezrev that the desired result that does not work, the EU is currently trying to use a different strategy — achieve gradual democratic reforms by negotiation and compromise with the Belarusian authorities. And read that in Belarus in recent months did not work in this direction is no configurations still not worth it, sire Kasko. Let me remind you that today in Belarus Bullpen there was not a political prisoner of the 1st and after the last mass opposition rallies, no opposition is not ranked in the prison cell.
Created subsequent letters — listener "Freedom" with thirty years of experience and our opponent immediately Nicholas Pravdin from Minsk. He is not pleased with the way our radio lights burning international action and difficulties. In his letter to the listener writes:
"Sickening listen to your" freedom ", where you sided cover actions in Georgia, condemns Russia. Overseas Your hosts generously funded you. Did you drive it for the mad campaign against so-called" dictator "Lukashenko. I — not a fan of his, but simply — Belarusian conscientious (and if more precisely — Litwin). Yeah, he — man, so from the plow. But every nation has the government it deserves. And you understand perfectly. Nominations Lukashenko not. Liabedzka Different — a trifle compared with Lukashenko.
And about dictatorship — to remind you of the line 1st Pushkin’s poem:
"Graze, peaceful people,
You do not wake honor cry.
What herd gifts of freedom?
They must be cut or cut.
Their heritage from generation to genera —
Yoke from gremushkami to Beach! "

Can not say precisely. The overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of our planet — the mass, and if more crudely — herd cattle, slaves.
I — for the dictatorship of the law, the dictatorship of the mind. But, unfortunately, that of the dictatorship in the world will never be. How can I make a paradise by staying in hell?
I am over 30 years of listening to the voice of the enemy only in order to know at least some truth about us. But with the last day of my conscience does not allow more than doing it, "
— So says Nicholas Pravdin from Minsk.
Pushkin’s lines were written in that era, when the European continent dominated absolute monarchy, when slavery in the form of serfdom, forced labor, depending on the personal will feadala in almost all countries (and particularly in the Russian Empire) was not listed something shameful and abnormal .
And how anachronistic against the backdrop of the current united democratic Europe looks authoritarian regime on the European continent at the moment … I do not think that the Belarusian people in the least degree, than adjacent Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, worthy of freedom, democracy and independence.
Very sorry, sire Pravdin that after 30 years of hearing the "Freedom" you razvitvaetsesya us. I wish to place it, and that a temporary farewell to you, as a human being curious and critical about all dogmas and idols, still want to hear announcements and unkempt uncensored thoughts and opinions.
Our friend davneshny Konstantin Syrel with Ushachi knows how to change the place in which he lives, in the last six years, the 10-ka. In so far throughout the Vitebsk region headed by President Lukashenko appointed Vladimir Andreychenko. As a result of the parliamentary elections nedavneshnih past chairman of executive committee was announced to the House of Representatives. What kind of memory for me to leave the main regional chief? Konstantin Syrel writes on this subject:
"Population Ushachchine for these years fell somewhere in the 3 thousand people — many for the area in which presently lives a little more than 18 thousand. Huge amount vshachan left and work outside not only the district, and the country, mostly in Russia. They are building a house, a car wash, mend bridges tended helpless old, standing for the machines, because on a small home hard to get a job with a solid income.
Time in our area like repeatedly slowed his gait, almost braked. Normal seems to matter: to renovate a school in the district center. Yes, and it lasted more than 5 years without stopping and in the classroom. District cultural repaired even longer. Reached curiosities — until subsequent repaired prior to falling apart, and again sought to repair. How to see our yard, in which the window staring not only hundreds of apartments dzvyuh closely spaced houses, and windows executive committee? He recalls ground tank. And it is — in over sixteen years … We, the residents of nearby houses, tried to somehow annoyed at least from their own porches — we remove, plant flowers, trees, bushes. But if we can do something more here naked hands?
You say — what does Andreychenko? Yes, he just — one of the apologists of the system, in which all of this can be "
Next in own writing Konstantin Syrel describes the configuration that occurred in nearby places. Another quote from the letter:
"Close, and continue to cover the huge number of schools, eliminated and continue to eliminate a huge number of farms. Destroys forests. To build special logging roads, which will later be abandoned. Vushachane saw one fascinating feature: cut out the middle of forest, leaving the suburbs. So if you look from afar, how would a forest in place. And in fact the former site of the forest — a windbreak.
But fourteen-year reign of the Emperor apogee Andreychenko in the Vitebsk region, no doubt, was the construction of the sanatorium "Vechalle" far away from Ushachi. This is — an excellent long-term construction, which is not set foot builder almost a decade. Waterfalls overgrown bushes, weeds in the stadium bright, apiary "ordered to live long," shop for mineral water bottling looted and empty, as if the eyes of the blind, the windows of many build
ings nezashklenyh long winter nights one yells wind. How many slam folk remedies — is unclear. Judging by grandyeznastsi and scale settings, it is not 10’s or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and millions, and considerable.
That’s why none of my friends and none of my family members in elections for Andreychenko not vote. Yet mysteriously Vladimir Pavlovich became our deputies.
Well, goodbye forever, Vladimir Pavlovich. Get a luxury apartment in Minsk, will quietly napping on the parliament sessions. After two months for you to be sixty four years later, received a parliamentary pension, leave the political arena, and in 10 years no one of you will remember "
— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" with Constantine Syrel Ushachi.
The letter emperor Constantine attached a few photos. On their own — and wrinkled wheels abandoned yard, and turned into wasteland nearby woods, unfinished and abandoned sanatorium "Vechalle." I thought: all this and there is a monument of that era, which at the moment are forgiven local residents. And keep in mind the executive committee chairman, deputy chair in the transplanted, they will be more durable. According to the latest least until such time as will stand mute reproach these look a little brick wall pustovato in which nested worthless (and almost spent) billion budget funds. Those funds for which could make new jobs, repair yards, improve poor wages collective farmers, teachers, doctors.
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