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April 9 Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov told reporters some details of the case recently detained chairman of the Firm "Zhdanovichi" Eugene Shyhalau. According to the Minister Naumov Shyhalau suspected of illegally taking possession of the land through malpractice. Trader contain remand Valadarski Street. From what days are — Sovereign Naumov said. According to independent sources, Eugene Shyhalau positioned behind bars April 5.
Information sources in Belarus citing Minister Naumov spread information that except in Eugene Shyhalau this case Tipo already arrested his deputy and municipal bureaucrat who has promoted to master a piece of land near the market "Zhdanovichy". But Interior Ministry spokesman Oleg Slepchenko this information specified:
"Hear ear and write belly. No, he stated that a number of persons, that have attitude to this business will still linger and be held accountable. "
What is clear about the identity of Eugenia Shyhalau?
First, the 1990s he started a business as a trader cars and through a couple of years led the market "Zhdanovichi." At this point, rated-independent professionals, sire Shyhalau in 8th place in the 10-ke most successful and lucky entrepreneurs of the country and the first — in the midst of those who earn money on renting commercial space. Even with 2 companions he has a trading house "Zhdanovichy", which consists of the same name clothing and auto markets, food center, shopping mall «Grad», meat-packing plant "Tarasava" restaurant "Orion". In all, 13 commercial facilities.
Cost to believe the official version of the squatters? Journalist Vadim Sehovich, which is considered an expert in the rental business, does not exclude other versions:
"Another version — redistribution of property. Currently the real estate market is a lot more players: foreign enterprises of the Russian Caucasian surnames, Turks, Arabs … And another version — reviews conflict Minsk city executive committee chairman Misha Pavlov, former chairman of the Minsk regional executive committee Nikolai Domashkevich these grounds: what is considered urban land, that the regional. Certainly, sire Shyhalau was in these disputes involved somehow. "
Specialists say: you have to take into account the banking version. According to her, the emperor Shyhalau co-founded a new bank "European", which came into conflict with some classical players in this market.
Eugene Shyhalau marked and in public life. He comes into the activities of the group to create public associations "Snow White Rus", which tries to connect adherents Alexander Lukashenko’s policy. It is also clear that the initiative Misha Pavlov, who heads the Belarusian Tennis Association, Eugene Shyhalau was elected deputy chairman.
In Belarus and previously detained large entrepreneurs who often managed to avoid a trial. So, who visited a few months in jail and went to Russia after the liberation recognizable businessman Viktor Lahvinets, possessed by firms in the "Contact Group". Currently in Poland is the owner of one of the largest in the midst of the 1990s, the company "Pouchet" Alexander Pupeyko. A lucky owner of "Triple" Yuri Chizh. In May 2007 he was detained on a criminal case resounding ex-chairman of "Belneftekhim" Alexander Borovsky, and later released and stripped him of all suspicion.

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