What consequences can be solutions of the NATO summit?

Ended the meeting of Heads of State — NATO members. What is the impact of the NATO summit in Bucharest? How they affect the relationship between Russia and the West? What is the reaction of Belarus at the NATO summit?
The results of the Bucharest Summit

Valery Karbalevich"More recently the NATO summit in Bucharest around its probable solutions inflamed political passions. Particularly acute question open a discussion about joining this international company in Georgia and Ukraine. But the summit was held, and it seems that any decisions that would have shaken the geopolitical status quo not accepted. effectiveness What Bucharest summit? "
Andrei Fedorov"First, wanted to clarify that the summit was not considered the question of the accession of Georgia and Ukraine to NATO. It was their accession to the programm to achieve NATO membership. This little different thing. In this program, you can participate and 5 and 10 years until the Union decides that the candidate meets its requirements.
This issue was postponed for a year. Subsequent summit will be held in Strasbourg, followed by a year, NATO will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its existence. Maybe then venture and the fate of Georgia and Ukraine.
In addition, NATO countries supported the U.S. position on placement in the Czech Republic and Poland, parts of a missile defense. If Our homeland has won on the issue of accession of Georgia and Ukraine to NATO, in this matter Moscow lost. "

Ales Lahvinets"Of course, it was not such vehavaya event. Summit results demonstrate the viability of NATO as an alliance of democracies.
One of the functions of NATO — the resolution of regional conflicts. The summit agreed to strengthen alliance troops in Afghanistan. As principal outcome of the meeting in Bucharest became France’s decision to join the integrated military structure of NATO. This is in line with previous policy of Paris, aimed at strengthening the euro part of the alliance.
On the issue of accession of Georgia and Ukraine into NATO is not to say that someone else got the victory or defeat. I think this process has begun, and it is positive for these states. Georgia’s population exactly support joining NATO. In Ukraine, the visible trend growth in the number of people who support this idea. "
Relations between Russia and the West
Karbalevich: "Saving the tensions between Russia and the West. Not fade old and new conflicts arise sites: U.S. missile defense elements in Europe, Kosovo, probable NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine. Summit decisions as the impact on relations between Russia and the West?"
Fedorov"President-elect Dmitry Medvedev gave the first interview to the newspaper" Financial Times ", in which noted that NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine is a challenge for the Russian Federation and is a danger to her.
Such an outlook Moscow expresses whenever NATO is expanding eastward. Our homeland initially resisted joining the Union of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Baltic states later. Yet, after these events, the safety of, in my opinion, is not affected.
I think, now Moscow will do everything to split NATO on this issue. It will use the energy factor to work, first, France and Germany. But not sure it’s her turn.
Our homeland Friday signed an agreement with NATO on transporting goods to Afghanistan through its countryside. However, there is no question of military goods, but about nutrition for peacekeeping forces. This Moscow recognizes that NATO in Afghanistan makes a useful function for RF neutralize Taliban. I think, despite the steps backwards, rapprochement between NATO and Russia will happen. "
Lahvinets"Of course, Our homeland takes steps NATO as unsafe for her. But managing RF close enough to reality to assess its capacity to stop the process. It recognizes that strong resistance to NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine will only strengthen the internal unity of the alliance. Because, despite the Hard declaration, Moscow is trying not to smoke all the bridges.
At the same time, Ukrainian politicians stress that the level of political relations between Russia and NATO is higher than between Ukraine and NATO. I do not think that NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine fully restore "cool war" between Russia and the alliance between Russia and whether the United States that serve more to support this idea. "
What is the reaction of Belarus at the NATO summit?
Karbalevich"Lukashenko once again was not allowed into the NATO summit. Taking defense minister yesterday Maltsev, head of Belarus read about external dangers the country, put the puzzle to strengthen the defense, in alliance with Russia. Belarus What is the reaction to the NATO summit?"
Fedorov"This position Minsk takes long, almost 12 years. Fact that Lukashenko was not allowed on the summit, is also not the first case. Such was the case in 2002, when the summit was held in Prague. Then there was the conflict over the Consultative Monitoring Group in Minsk.
However, while Belarus has not turned down the role in the summit, Minister of Foreign Affairs arrived in Prague and made tough statements. But now Belarus opt out of the role of the Bucharest summit. This is due to the recent aggravation of relations between Belarus and the West.
Lukashenko said during a meeting with Maltsev that the exercises will be held in Belarus. But it seems that we are holding them and so almost every year. If Ukraine joins NATO, Belarus is strategically change nothing. After all, we already have common borders with 3 countries — members of the alliance. Poland almost 10 years in NATO, but I do not think that the Belarusian population has felt from a great danger.
Faster control of Belarus seeks to join the Russian attitude to get from Moscow certain preferences. Affairs of Belarus and the West will almost all depend on how you will develop relations between Russia and NATO. "
Lahvinets"Failure to send representatives to the NATO summit is in line with today’s rate of Minsk to aggravate relations with the West. Anti-Western rhetoric is addressed to officials of Belarus Belarusian and Russian population.
I think nothing will exchange in relations between Belarus and the West even after Ukraine’s accession to NATO. A military exercises in the country coincide with political cycles. In general, the military policy on Belarus is dependent on Russia, and is consistent with it. "Tags: Our homeland, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, NATO

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