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In late March, the Belarusian citizens of Polish origin have begun to apply in representation and the Polish Embassy to receive "Card of the Pole" — a document that gives the holder certain benefits to adjacent areas of the country (it is first about getting long visa, employment and training). This decision sparked protests in Warsaw by the official Minsk and sharpened and so tense relations between countries with 2.
On the topic of the introduction of "Card of the Pole" expressed in his letters to the "Freedom" and some of our listeners. Here he writes, for example, Ales Stankevich of Grodno
"What’s disgusting is that if a few hundred thousand people of Belarus will receive this card, which will give them a small franchise? Now This map is introduced not only for Belarus — for people of all 15 former Russian republics. Incidentally, Russian management adopted a law on the admission and apparatus in Russia at preferential criteria of ethnic Russians who wish to return from the former Soviet republics. At the same time as thousands of Belarusians are now working illegally in Russia, in the languid build criteria Moscow and St. Petersburg? Hundreds of them have been killed there.
If part of Belarusian Poles and Belarusians legally arranged for temporary work in Poland, it will only reduce unemployment, which in Belarus at the moment really is about 15 percent (and not half as lying official statistics) — wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom "Ales Stankevich of Grodno. — And how we mixed marriages? Kids in these families also will be able to get a "Card of the Pole." Total owners’ Card of the Pole "could be half a million people here and there, but it’s only 5 percent of the inhabitants of the Republic of Belarus.
Or it contradicts international law, according to Belarusian government? I believe that the Polish Sejm this question specifically explored, before taking the law. As you know, the same laws adopted and other countries.
Let Lukashenko introduce "Belarusian Map" — that prevents him? But it will claim the additional monetary costs, and we already need a lot of money on benefits bureaucrats and security officials "-

— So says Ales Stankevich of Grodno.
According to official estimates of Warsaw, "Pole’s Card" in Belarus will be able to count about 250 thousand Belarusian people of Polish descent. Hype around this procedure unavailable in the first week documents for the card to the Polish Embassy in Minsk served about 30 people. Belarusian authorities claim that "Pole’s Card" can cause tension in society, to make mistrust between Belarusians and Poles. It will be recalled that the practice of assistance to compatriots abroad — vserasprostranennaya extensive in the world. Many countries (eg, Germany, Israel, Hungary) even wasting huge amounts of money from the municipal budgets in order to recover and to arrange their own citizens in their historic homeland. Naturally, this causes controversy in those countries from which leave ethnic Germans, Hungarians and Jews. Although all of course: the government, which wants to curb immigration, must first make its citizens conditions not worse than their neighbors.
Piece of writing Paul Ivanenko Minsk — pensiyanerskae of life and the government’s attitude to people Incline age. A listener writes:
"Our Alexander G. raspestsiv us old men on the strong arms is, as if small. All the neighbors jealous when our Belarusian behold the magic.
We are grateful to our president for what he did for us a miraculous country in which overcomes market socialism. Naturally, not all zagadanoe effected. If used in time Yeltsin managed to select the cap of Monomakh, life would be even more rich: oil and gas could be a cheap brand. And it would be more fun to drive on the stunning prazdnichkom Stalin Line.
In particular, gave us drink any kinds — from your own "ink" to different of imported brandies and wines. Try to make a choice when the eyes diverge. However, these drinks often means lacking. Because forward to retirement as a gift from God. And before the elections in particular: it is at this time presentable additive.
In the near future the opposition and various "lousy fleas", aptly, a peasant styled their president, were activated. Crawling everywhere abroad. Even before Bush crawled, filed a complaint. And so endlessly: bite and gnaw president. And surrounded by Lukashenka’s not all perfect. Look how grow bellies in "power." Pity us our Lukashenka "-

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Paul Ivanenko from Minsk.
Shortly in Belarus will be held next big military maneuvers — so potbellied generals and colonels have to run: maybe denied overweight. And in general, do not linger very senior officers in the army. Many in 40 years — in retirement. Belarusian legislation allows this. It is at the lathe and driving the tractor to work up to sixty years. And people in uniform in Belarus on a special account.
Created subsequent letters — Boris Rut’kov Minsk — draws attention to the Belarusian-American diplomatic conflict. Namely, in the plot nedavneshny municipal television, the creators of which referring to intelligence agencies claimed that South American diplomats in Minsk were engaged in espionage activities. Sovereign Rut’kov writes:
"Recent activities around South American embassy, and in particular the arrest spetsagentav show that U.S. diplomats in Minsk, gathering people in those or other enclosed structure, substitute themselves. Litsezreem After all, we would soon discover these structures. Why? If b y they were not agents of the Belarusian special services, then no one would know. Poor South American diplomats working in Belarus. Those America given by 100 — to discover they are not allowed. And other — unknown provocateurs — and closer to them davyarayutstsa . how it all ends, at the moment all behold the.
Now in Belarus can not be one hundred percent trust anyone. Wanted to wish the U.S. Embassy diplomats maintain secrecy and care. Prior to talk to someone, ask him certain things. Let him do something that does not make any intelligence agent. Because for them there are certain limitations. From the work of the embassy security depends what criteria diplomats work. And here in the South American embassy is not all right, "-

— So says Boris Rut’kov from Minsk.
The story of the so-referred to as "spies", sire Rut’kov pretty vague. Let me remind you that the chargé d’affaires in Belarus Jonathan Moore said that the embassy does not have spies working on areas of Belarus. A naming in the plot of the Belarusian TV embassy staff Kurt Finley and Bernard Nixon responsible for protecting embassies and exposed in this case with the local police and the Ministry of the Interior. Have such employees at the embassy — ordinary practice. Is noteworthy also that, according to the KGB chairman Yuri Zhadobin detained in the present case is not, and the KGB is talking only about a "preventive work".
As for your assessment of the South American Embassy, it is unlikely that you will be able to give them, without having the impartial and full of information.
At the end — correspondence from Nikolai Rybakov from the village of Kopys Orsha district, in which a listener told us about his own davneshney dream: to make together with friends and acquaintances great journey along the Dnieper — from source to mouth. In his letter to the "Freedom" Nicholas writes:
"Our majestic Dnieper river flows, as we know, in the lands of 3 states. Begins in Russia, crosses a large part of Belarus, and later the whole of Ukraine. Length of the river — somewhere around 2500 km. So here, I dream to go to next year boat all Dnepr.’ll start with the basics — from where Russian journalist Sands set sign "Her
e begins the Dnieper." ‘ll Sail through Orsha, later to be poplar Guy Kupala Levki, Škloŭ, Mogilev, then — Retchitsa. Curious look where Karatkevich wrote "Spikes under your sickle." And what a distinctive place in Ukraine: Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Dneproges later — Dark Sea … Excellent, if people joined a tributary of the Dnieper — Sozha, Berezina, Pripyat. Can get a good share. In 3 of these countries — different political system: in Belarus — authoritarianism in Ukraine build democracy, but in Russia — something incomprehensible. If everything I saw to remove the video, you can make a decent tape. According to my calculations, the three summer months it can be done (passing 30 km per day). Extreme, enough memories to last a lifetime. A reversal can return by train. In every human soul — romantic "-

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Nikolai Rybakov from the village of Kopys Orsha district.
Not sure sovereign Rybakov that you should be called zagadanoe action and somehow tied to the political regimes in 3 eastern Slavic countries, which are going to swim. But what an exciting, adventurous journey to you and your friends can get — that’s for sure. Thousands of young people keen on tourism and local history, corrected summer routes such that they themselves develop themselves. Success in the implementation of your dreams.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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