What Russian businessman held in Minsk slammer?

The story began on April 13 when a car with Russian numbers, which went to Minsk Sergei Ostrovsky with friends, Tipo arrested for speeding traffic police officers of the capital. Sergei was invited to the police car to make the report. In violation of the Russians did not agree. By him, police warned that he will have the right to take back to St. Petersburg, where he is registered, and were given to understand that you can solve the problem of over bribe. Ostrovsky Emperor refused and said that this proposal will record in the minutes. Here that our homelandnin mentioned the upcoming:
"Traffic police began yelling for libel and that I will be planted, and later a policeman, who was sitting behind me, grabbed me by the neck, and another that was left, hit me in the jaw and in the temple."
Sergei Ostrovsky said that the police acted in accordance with its relative waste scenario. Namely, when the driver stopped on the road and asked him to be an eyewitness Tipo attack on their official vehicle. During this sovereign Ostrovsky already threatened prosecution, and he was exiled first in office, and then in jail on the outskirts of town. Conditions in which he had spent the night in the midst of vagabonds and criminals, he calls "terrible." The next day brought Sergei Ostrovsky in Central District administrative tribunal Judge Tatyana Paulyuchuk known stiff sentences participants street protests. Sergey Ostrovsky on what he blamed police, the referee did not react. "I had to plead a little rowdy and pay the fine, otherwise would have given several days arrest "- recognizes Sergei. Leaving from Belarus, he still does not think to leave this story.
"What happened to me, it’s legal willfulness. If it can be a citizen of the Russian Federation, which is considered by the State in Belarus, which indicates the direction of development, I terribly imagine how you manage in your citizens who live and there is no protection. "
Per day own adventures in Belarus Sergei Ostrovsky lost 250 bucks splachvayuchy different penalties, and his business — he runs a successful computer company — lost a huge amount of times. Sergei wants to apply to the court for police officers who beat him, though not exclude that those served a counterclaim. While Sergei Ostrovsky appealed to control internal security Minsk police.
Officer Nicholas Atrashkevich council confirmed that the statement is filed, but the results so far: "Application still being tested," — said the policeman.

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