What special days are today celebrating Victory in Belarus?

Belarus once again celebrates a day of victory. How to celebrate this date on the post-Soviet space? Why in the last years of the Victory day Belarus celebrates all moderate? Was there anything new in the speech of Alexander Lukashenko at this festive rally?
Participants: editor analytical bulletin "Belarusian Week" Alexander Klaskouski and philosopher Ales Antipenko.

Celebrating the days of the former Soviet Union Victory

Valery Karbalevich"In Europe and the world prazdnichek Victory celebrated on 8 May, and in most post-Soviet states — Russian tradition — May 9. This is probably the only prazdnichek, which is celebrated in all post-Soviet countries and is associated with the Russian era. In every country it is celebrated differently. In the Baltic countries in general related to this specific date.
But in Russia, it seems every year the Victory day is celebrated all over the pompous. Today’s parade was quite perceptible. What evidence is strengthening pomposity? "
Alexander Klaskouski"Indeed, the post-Soviet space in this sense is very patchy. Post-Soviet countries they say not only about the Nazi occupation, and about the Soviet occupation.
Interestingly, here, too, now in Kiev, Ukrainian President Yushchenko took part in the celebration, and the prime Tymoshenko — no. And there it is interpreted as a certain symbolic gesture.
And thence in Tbilisi Georgian veterans held before the Russian embassy to protest against the policy of Moscow today against Georgia.
And in Russia for the first time since 1990 in the parade on Victory day military equipment involved, including the languid technique proparhali planes. By the way, this is a very expensive cost. Military marched through Red Square in uniforms from designer Yudashkin. In other words, Moscow style "military" is back in fashion.
Putin a few days back, anticipating the criticisms of the West, was that and say it’s not slamming tool. But here also added that this is a demonstration of the military capabilities of the Russian Federation, which grow. But this is almost slamming tool. In the West, this languid technique on Red Square exactly perceived as a Russian signal that Russia’s role is growing and with it to be reckoned with. "
Ales Antipenko"These actions demonstrate that there is a revival in Russia imperial. But of course, that the value of the war in various post-Soviet states will be evaluated differently. If it really was a Russian Lofty Russian war, then, for example, it was the Lithuanians 2 th global. Incidentally, as for the Belarusians, although in our history Russian component plays a more significant role. This also applies to the other Baltic states, Georgia and Ukraine.
In the post-Soviet countries, the war is perceived differently, not on the basis of beliefs Russian prospects, and with hindsight and the interests of state history. In the future, this difference will increase. "
Celebration in Belarus
Karbalevich"In Belarus, Lukashenko after coming to power of the Victory day svyatkavavsya so loudly, triumphantly, like anywhere in the world. Segodnyaschy power presents itself as the heir of the Victory. Prazdnichek This was not the only factor in the legitimacy of the current government. Bezotstupno have to think that majestic Russian war — this is the main support, the foundation, the source of the formation of the Belarusian civilization.
But does not it seem to you that in the last years of the Victory day Belarus celebrates all moderate? What’s the interest with which celebrated this prazdnichek, presently slightly asleep? Here, for example, already the second year Lukashenko did not act on a festive meeting dedicated to the Victory of days. Instead he made a speech Prime Sidorsky. And earlier it was a very important public statement Lukashenko, who passed all the TV channels live. True, announced construction of a new Museum of History majestically Russian war. What do you explain to such stsiplasts? "
Klaskouski"This trend yavna. Incidentally, performance Sidorsky not broadcast, it was not widespread publicity, and I had to find the content on the Web. Not performed and a military parade.
Official interpretation of the war ossified, no attempts rethinking along the lines of which read Antipenko. At the same reasoning officials are contradictory. For example, not so long ago in his own message Lukashenko stated that Belarusians threw it into one empire or the other.
Indeed, Belarusians are being ground. They must take the side of the 1st of 2-almost empires are equally unattractive: Stalin’s Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.
But no rethinking. Sounds just refrain that "we will not give blacken majestic victory." So treated sample another sight to the war. It seems that each year repeating this rhetoric zaezhzhanuyu missing fuse and the highest management
In addition, Lukashenko — a very pragmatic politician. Veterans becomes smaller. As a layer of the electorate, they lose their meaning. And because there is an appeal to them in the least degree.
But the theme of war is used in the context of an appeal to Moscow as an argument in the oil and gas disputes. In other words, there is a degradation of all this rhetoric, translating it into practical plane cynical. "
Karbalevich"I wish to draw attention to that the celebration of the October Revolution in Belarus practically does not occur at the official level. More logical explanation for this phenomenon is that there are no remaining veterans of the action. Seems that the same trend was observed in respect of the last war."
Antipenko"Indeed, this prazdnichek celebrated all modesty. But I do not agree that this explains the decrease of the number of veterans.
In my opinion, the reason is that changing, though slowly, the perception of this war on the official level. Changing accents. Belarus was between 2-lights. Belarusians were victims of external imperial plans.
Every third Belarusian died in the war, as now read Lukashenko. And these losses dominate the glory of victory in the war. I think in the future this will be a day or prazdnichek state of mourning. "
Lukashenka’s speech at the rally
Karbalevich"How can otkommentirovat speech Alexander Lukashenko at a rally in Victory Square? Seems that there was some, albeit small, the attempt to separate history from Belarus Russian, Belarus show a special role in the war. Lukashenko read about the victory not so much Russian as first Belarusian people in the war. "
Klaskouski"At first I said such a fascinating aspect. Lukashenko first speech highlighted the role of the Western Allies to victory over fascism. This little sudden. Indeed, for example, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in his speech about it not remembered. And Western commentators have noted it.
But coming Lukashenka’s speech flowed in the usual way. Were outlined modern threat to peace, and in this context were mentioned "certain superpower", which, they say, we try to throw their own dictates. Read Lukashenko plans to expand NATO, about the elements of the U.S. missile defense in Europe.
But Lukashenko earlier theme victims singled out as a bargaining chip in the West confrontation. Say, Western countries can not impose their standards we democracy, on the contrary, whether the West should not stand kneeling before us. Right now this motif has not sounded. Rhetoric about the dangers of the West was muted, reduced, duty, without pathos. I think it is a symptom that the Belarusian management feels in relations with the West is pretty mangled wood and must somehow this situation caress. "
Antipenko"I first sent a note that the first part of his speech was directed not to the fact, that glorify the feat and heroism of the Belarusian people and on what to say about the horrific casualties of the Belarusian peop
le. And it’s more than meets the truth. This is a new character for me .
2nd moment. This speech is different from the past in a part that is usually referred to as "the lessons of war." He limited himself to mention anonymous superdyarzhav who use blackmail. And on this point. More said the topic is not developed. I think this is evidence of what happens unconsciously rethinking of war and victory. "
Karbalevich"Zeal use fundamental historical event for political purposes — a phenomenon known and widely spread in the world. Main thing that distinguishes Belarus — is the scale celebrations, monopolization and privatization authorities even prazdnichka this, the absence of any severe public debate about the lessons of those events, that occurred more than 60 years ago, the imposition of a spectacle on its own history, its transformation into an element of state ideology. But it seems — and it drew attention to my interlocutors, — as soon as the celebration of this date spetsefichesky duly adjusted, changing accents. "

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