What the media have Belarusian confessions?

According to the lawyer Minsk diocesan administration of the Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrew Alyosha, has developed the concept of broadcasting: "We are talking about issues of marriage and family, school education, demographics and health. And as a new electric vehicle mass disk imaging is Orthodox, then all these problems will be covered from the Christian spiritual and moral positions," — said the emperor Oleshko. He added that at the moment is preparing documents for the registration station.
Why Orthodox Church has decided to make its own radio and how it should be, in charge of press secretary of the Belarusian Exarchate father Alexei Shinkevich:
"In 1-x, we have a radio in the main character is entertaining. And in political terms, and in regard to human morality, there are huge prepyadstviya. Our radio will not engage in any policy. We’ll read on, that our people there it was: a faith, the conscience, the love of God to the church, to their homeland. Natural and spiritual, educational, religious, national applets will. We will certainly sound radio on whiteRussian language. Absolutely! And on another, we will not match the title "Orthodox radio." Though the majority of our listeners — Orthodox Belarusians ".
On certain applets, network broadcasting frequency read too early, says Father Alexei. Incidentally, the first father’s education Alexei Shinkevich — specifically journalism. Come and experience of the media he has — 15 years ago he made the first Belarusian Orthodox newspaper "Church word" and long Time was its editor. And now the biggest problem for a radio that is created — specifically frames, said Alex’s father:
"It is not easy to organize the work from scratch media. Needed people. They seem to have formed from the secular side, the master, but they do not know the language of the church. A church language differs from secular language. A person must know and vocabulary, and in general, content of the spiritual life. So it’s a very big problem — find educated journalists who could work in church publications. We are very pleased that many people, especially the creative intelligentsia of Belarusian expressed a desire to help our radio. They all refer to the fact that unrealistic listen to a radio that is. "
In Belarus, it will be the first electric religious media. While online, printed media is every presentable confessions — and the Orthodox and the Catholics, and Muslims.
Catholics have special applets on Belarusian radio, huge prazdnichkom carried live broadcasts of religious services on radio and television with various churches in Belarus.
The editor of the magazine "Our Faith" Christina Lyalko Aware of the print media, which gives the Catholic Church in Belarus:
"Quarterly Journal-" Our Faith, "a month of" Ave Maria ", Grodno diocese publishes the newspaper" Word of Life "Month" Dialogue "issue verbisty Baranovichi. Vladislav Zavalniuk priest gives" voice of the soul "- the parish newspaper. For children we issue magazine "Little Knight of the Immaculate," kvartalnichak.
All Catholic periodicals, programs on radio and television are located in the Belarusian language.
On Muslim publications in Belarus researcher knows Islamic theology Sergey Bogdan.
"There is a website www.islam.by. It exists in a different modality. Already prepared Belarusian edition, but it has not yet been charged. Published magazine" Bayram ", published more than 25 rooms. There are many fascinating material on the history of Islam in Belarus about Islam in general. Most publications in Belarusian. Society publishes the newspaper "Life", there are also publications, which are prepared by local religious communities — for example, in the center of issue "Nur".
On Orthodox applets and prints knows Father Alexei Shinkevich:
"We have and television programs from, for example," Blagovist "," nature ", have special applets and on the radio. Diocesan Each center has its own organ -" Diocesan Gazette. "There Orthodox student magazine for young people" steps. " There magazine "Orthodoxy", which is published by the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Minsk. newspaper there "Church word", which is 15 years old. "
Most of the Orthodox publications, radio and television programs also come in Belarusian. Tags: media, confessions

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