What to do with what made?

The press release mentions Rosselkhoznadzor oil and syrarobchyya factory with Slavgorod Mstsislava, Chausov Shklow yes. Running all around their one thousand people.
Up to half of their own products these companies sell in Russia. They all create about one range of products — cheese, butter, cottage cheese, casein, milk sugar.
Butter-on Chaussky syrarobchym factory on the decision Rosselkhoznadzor already know. It was sent to the factory now. There’s no secret that this decision — a major blow to the production. According to the head engineer Vladimir Gursky, products in Russia is not supplied with the summer.
"We gathered a lot of products. Our homeland did not take the whole summer. Were prepyadstviya with sales. Where to put that produced? We worked at the warehouse. Winter was a ban. Later gave permission, continued. Could it happen at the moment. This state question, because I do not know what will be the solution. We are people, we sell on the sly. Well this situation developed ", — says Vladimir Gursky.
By him, Butter-on Chaussky syrarobchym plant employs 100 70.
Employees on 3 other plants subjected ruling Rosselkhoznadzor about the same — 100 from seventy to two hundred people.
By Rosselkhoznadzor 20 Belarusian companies dairy industry is forbidden to bring products to the Russian Federation countryside. This decision shall enter into force on the first of November. Prerequisite to prohibit importation of products was the fact that the Belarusian party does not have audited May 30 companies that inspektavalisya Russian spices in August. In addition, Rosselkhoznadzor has claims to the control system of food production in Belarus.

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