Where and how to give birth?

How and where to give birth?

When pregnancy is nearing completion, the question of where to give birth, it becomes especially important. Of course, you can rely on chance — with the start of fights go to the nearest hospital or call the "fast". But wiser to prepare for the upcoming event in advance: after all how will labor, will largely depend on the health of a young mother and her child.

First of all, a woman should choose a hospital, the most satisfying its requirements. It is usually considered living conditions, the admissibility of her husband's presence at childbirth applied anesthesia, choice of poses for delivery (if you plan to vertical birth), joint or separate residence with the child, etc. Essential skills and experience of doctors, friendly and attentive nurses.

Obtain the necessary information, interviewing friends and acquaintances, reading the stories about childbirth and maternity feedback on the internet and in person by visiting the hospital of interest. Select optimal clinic, you can go even further. After signing a contract with an insurance company or a maternity hospital, a woman is able to select a particular physician who will deliver babies, as well as a guarantee of comfortable living conditions.

In that case, if the husband and wife have done everything possible to prepare a successful birth, the process of birth of the child is likely to leave pleasant memories, and the baby will be born healthy and strong. Good labor — it's not that hard, if you hold a comprehensive training, to think "alternate path" and to follow his plan.

Natural childbirth or caesarean section

Before you choose where to give birth, you need to know whether you will give birth naturally or you will cesarean section. Caesarean section performed for medical reasons: anatomically narrow pelvis, degeneration of the retina, a very large fetus (fetal size mismatch size of the pelvis), malposition (eg, cross-or oblique), exacerbation of chronic diseases mother, preeclampsia (Late toxicosis), etc. . Sometimes a diagnosis is not enough — a combination of several of these issues.

In some countries the practice Cesarean section at the woman's request. With the help of some pregnant hoping to avoid problems such as birth pain, enlargement of the vagina, perineal incisions. However, most doctors consider cesarean section at the request unjustified. This is due to the fact that avoid some problems, women can acquire other, often more serious — this primarily neurological problems in a child, a longer post-operative period, difficulties with lactation, the inability to continue to have a "normal" way, etc.

At birth the natural way a woman can choose itself, in what position to give birth. Already it is no secret that the vertical posture mothers giving birth to the most physiological and acceleration of the cervix, efficient dry heaving. This is due to the fact that the efforts of the expectant mother also helps the force of gravity, forcing the child to move faster down.If for the mother this point of principle, that it is necessary to pre-select a hospital where practicing vertical birth.

Choosing the hospital

Options "Where give birth to?"Only two — in the hospital or at home.

At choice of hospital for each certain requirements may be more or less important.

Most often, expectant mothers are guided by the wishes of the following:

  • the availability of good living conditions. This takes into account — the number of beds in the ward, the location of the toilet and shower, refrigerator (on the floor or in the House), the presence of "family" houses, etc.
  • joint or separate residence with the child,
  • admissibility of the presence of the husband at childbirth,
  • opportunity to visit relatives,
  • availability of pediatric intensive care,
  • the possibility of anesthesia,
  • a choice of poses for delivery,
  • good, competent doctors,
  • courteous medical staff
  • proximity to the house.

Insomeone there will be other suggestions, as long as the hospital met all the requirements of the mother.

Paid and unpaid labor

In the hospital can be selected free of charge and give birth. By the way, for free — does not necessarily mean bad. If the new mother carefully chose maternity hospital, met with practicing physicians there, I heard a lot of positive feedback about the hospital, it is likely that delivery will be well. After all, "free" Doctors are the same as "paid." After paying for delivery, you can get a more comfortable living conditions and a more attentive (though not necessarily) by a doctor.

They pay for the birth or the insurance company, or "checkout" paid clinic, or directly to the doctor who will accept delivery. In any of these options have their pros and cons. After paying the insurance company, the woman will not be able to count on a "personal" interest in its own genus doctors. They are just doing their job, as well as in the free maternity department. But new mother has the right to demand fulfillment of all contract items, on pain management in the presence of her husband's birth, living conditions postnatal wards, joint or separate room with a child visits.

Paying a doctor in person (usually a smaller amount than the insurance company), a young mother can count on "their"obstetrician-gynecologist and more attentive to rodbloke. However, this method usually does not warrant a more comfortable living conditions.


If you wish to conduct a lot of labor, and some of them are such as not to stimulate labor, not to cut the crotch to give birth in the water, do not rinse vernix not be vaccinated, then it is likely that the hospital that meets all the desires, and you can not find . In such cases, serve as an alternative to a home birth. Now this practice is becoming more common. And perhaps soon in our country will give birth at home as often as in the Netherlands, England, Germany and Finland.

If a husband and wife have decided to give birth at home, you should be prepared to leave with the utmost care. Before birth the woman should be examined thoroughly, go through the necessary training. It is important to carefully choose a midwife that will take generations.

It should advance to buy all the necessary medicines, as well as "just in case" to find out where the nearest hospital. Naturally, the home birth she must be sure that the machine is "first aid" will arrive as soon as possible.


Choosing a location and method of delivery, the expectant mother must remember that "people believe, God disposes." At any time, labor can go on an unplanned scenario, and then we need to urgently decide on some other method of delivery. By this, too, need to be prepared. For example, in the process of birth reveal that a cesarean section, and his mother set up only on natural childbirth. Or wanted to give birth at home, and need to go to the hospital. Change of plans should not be a big blow for the pregnant woman.

In that case, if the husband and wife have done everything possible to prepare a successful birth, the process of birth of the child is likely to leave pleasant memories, and the baby will be born healthy and strong. Good labor — it's not that hard, if you hold a comprehensive training, to think "alternate path" and to follow his plan.

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