Where is the power that can change something in Belarus? ..

Mass arrests of marchers in the day Will in Minsk, large-scale searches for apartments and offices-independent journalists — topics that Radio Liberty carefully covered last week. On this account, and many students expressed in his letters and call.
Here he writes in electrical correspondence Olga Ananich Minsk:
"Soon it seemed that the government thought better of it. Not dispersed and the European Soc marches did not touch journalists released all political prisoners. And here suddenly as if a chain broke. Personally for me it was a surprise. It would seem that it was reasonable to continue the job. Began to appear outlines some dialogue with the West. And now what? All return again to what it was in the 90s? Come on an old rake, and no Lumina is not visible. And where is the force that is able to change anything in our Belarus?"
Perhaps almost all here explains complicated economic criteria, in what turned out to Belarus and that in the near future can significantly affect the mood in the Belarusian society. Power, preparing for this latest danger revealed how she is going to confront his political opponents. These methods over the past fourteen years have been used more than once — is nothing new in them not. But the prospects of dialogue with the West against this background read, indeed, problematic.
Created subsequent letters — Nikolai Rybakov from the village of Kopys Orsha raenu.U letter "Freedom" he is aware of his own native land and the people who live there. A listener writes:
"I am 45 year. Write a letter to you for the first time, although quite often send SMS message.
Our village is located on the left bank of the Dnieper. Settlements are very picturesque. Here between the village and the village Levki Kopys placed branch Kupala Museum. Our majestic poet wrote many poems here — during the so-called "Levkovskaya" period creativity. Some old people still remember Janka Kupala, but remained strong enough. Museum we call "dacha Yanka Kupala." It employs a lady tour guide, tells visitors about the rare poet, about his work, how he adored Belarus and fought for it.
Is noteworthy that the offspring of this lady to serve in Minsk OMON running Colonel Pavlyuchenko. Certainly, along with other Minsk riot police beats on areas that young people who bathed called "to be called people." After a couple of years he will retire. And will these young people from their own taxes to pay former "OMON" giant police pension — for what drove and beat people during peaceful protests. Leaves, like in the parable: "Bits unbeaten lucky." We would like to hear yours, sire Zhdanko comment on this matter
. "
Things are different, sire Rybakov. Well, what can incriminate this lady? That taught offspring adore Yanka Kupala, and it serves OMONe? Maybe choosing two decades reversed profession, he dreamed of catching criminals and not to drive on Minsk opposition? A choice of service a person in uniform, happens and does not happen.
On the other hand, the contrast is so young, which serves as the police and the youth, who goes outside, seeking change in the state? And they both trained in the same schools, read some books, including works of Kupala. There will be another time — and that riot police would protect white-red-white flag and coat of arms "race."
Incidentally, Yanka Kupala in LEVKOY wrote not only love lyrics. He then praised the collective farms and the Soviet regime, and reddish army. Time it is …
March 13th Radio Liberty said about another act of vandalism in Kurapaty: unknown intruders broke or knocked 36 crosses raised in memory of the victims of Stalin’s atrocities. On this topic — letter Nicholas Kukso Ivyanets of Volozhin district. A listener writes:
"Shockingly vyznat about the next crime in Kurapaty. I think it is no different from the atrocities during Stalinism. I am confident that under no circumstances should you indulge in such shameful shenanigans. Need to give them a respective resistance so as not to wonder what all get away with it. Criminals against the public should go a united front. This could be accomplished only nonhumans.
Power wasting large sums for the restoration and maintenance of so-called "Stalin Stripes" about Zaslaul who has not played in the history of any distinctive roles. And in Kurapaty the company at least the 1st police post for some reason did not have enough funds
. "
During the last decade were recorded in Kurapaty 10s such cases. And do not the police to find and punish the criminals do not. In the past year, public activists appealed to the authorities to organize the protection of Kurapaty. But this, and other similar proclamations one answer: "No funds." Regional police invited members of the organizing committee for the commemoration of the victims of Stalinist repression by paying for the protection of the national memorial.
Follow-up letter was sent to us from the village Rudensk Pukhavichy district. Its creators — Misha Kalyankevich, Eugene Natalevich, Nina and other Voronetskaya (Total 35 signatures) — Resent the fact that local authorities instead of dialogue with the population satisfied with imitation such dialogue. At least, evidenced by the facts contained in the letter. For Rudenskaya a burning problem — the authorities’ intention to close the local clinic and make it on the basis of gospis for cancer patients. On March 3, the local bureaucracy organized on this occasion a meeting with representatives of the role of the Executive Committee. Many people have seen the announcement of this meeting, and came to him. What was next? Students write:
"The meeting was held in the auditorium of the joint stock company "Rudensk." Us to this meeting was not allowed, denied in rough shape. When we arrived, the director of the Company Lagoon went outside and, despite the people’s indignation Incline age, plant protection ordered not to let us in the room. Although, as followed from the announcement in a meeting open to all comers.
What right did he have to do so? There were people who worked at the plant for 30-40 years, people with disabilities, including disabled veterans.
After that we called Pukhavichy district prosecutor Lena Matulyak, told about the situation and asked how all this relates to the Constitution, which guarantees citizens the right to participate in discussions of state and public life particularly at such meetings? Ms. Matulyak replied that we had to tell her about it before, but now she, say, nothing is able to do. How could we say earlier, how do we know that we have such a brash manner will not be allowed at the meeting? Please RL take action and protect us
. "
The only thing able to do in such a situation our radio — say it in your own air. Take positive measures should power that you, venerable sirs, choose (or not choose). Bureaucrat who feels their dependence on public opinion, hardly dared to do so on a huge number of people, which over time will have to ask for support in the elections. Quite another thing when the bureaucrat must own post another, more senior bureaucrats — and no one else. Public condemnation in this case it is not very exciting.
Kutsee letter from farm Lubień Buda Koshelevo district from our listeners Victor Karlovskaga. He writes:
"In letters to his own past "Freedom" I reported that our family had to go through, which is not wished for to join the kolkhoz and become a cog mechanism Russian. We live on the farm together with my mother. Despite its 76 years, the pension she gets as such, as she paid a total of 50 thousand rubles. I know this because one grandmother in an adjoining village in such a situation.
Only one letter can not describe, and therefore very please send us your correspondent
. "
Thank you, sire Carlo, for th
e invitation. When our correspondent visited the ability of your farm. Many of our listeners was curious to find out about the life of a village family who escaped collectivisation.
With regard to pensions, it is unlikely that she is your mother may be large. Lots of seniority, was not allocated to the fund of social protection — which means you can only rely on minimum. Another thing is that a statement on the accrual of at least such a pension for you should contact the local executive committee even 20 years ago.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write to freedom. Write. Waiting for new posts.
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