Where to find eco-friendly products?

Where to find ecological products?

My friend, a Frenchman who came to Moscow every time provokes the same conversation. "This is a Moroccan oranges? What is the cost? "- He points to the fruit from the supermarket. "Approximately euros per kilo" — I say. "And we have — one and a half euros. In this case, Morocco from us — through the strait. I do not understand it. "

Similarly, we discuss the Dutch roses, giant apples "Granny" and other consumer goods. From time to time I tell him the same thing: "You see, all these apples — non-perishable, they can be stored for months, if not years. If so, then the price does not reflect the complexity and speed of delivery, but simply an indicator of living standards in the country. " "Devil globalization" — he answers my question every time.

Glossary naturopath

Most often, all-natural products are called organic (at least — organic food).

In the U.S., there is provided with markings organic, Europe — bio.

By the way, naturopath — this is either a physician, wellness practitioners dealing with natural, natural resources or follower approach "the best of everything — just natural."

Genetically modified and chemically processed foods have from good economic intentions: it is easier to irrigate planting chemical rain, than to deal with pests by hand, it is easier to plant gene, which allows fruit on the counter to live happily ever after, than to sell at dumped prices starting to spoil the harvest. And it was the right decision — from the point of view of economy. And in terms of diversity, too: winter in the yard, and we eat a giant strawberries and cream. That's just the point of use such products — the phenomenon is very controversial. Moreover, artificial food is so captivated stores and supermarkets to find organic food is becoming harder and harder. The case ended with the natural products were sold in specially designated places for them under the label "organic." And depressing is that finding such a place is not so simple. Options a bit.

Ekomarket, the store of the future

Ekomarket — is the West European shop for people willing to pay a half to two times more for environmentally friendly food. In Europe and the U.S. the number of such people is increasing annually. Being healthy and happy is becoming fashionable in Russia. That's just not all EKOMARKET take root in our soil. Not so long ago closed shop "Red pumpkin" at Little Georgia. Not grown together. But its owners are planning to organize a network of EKOMARKET all over Moscow.

Natural with a guarantee

Up to now, has not yet developed a detailed formal international standard to distinguish organic products from all others. In general, organic products can be defined as:

— grown without the application of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer and the like;

— processed as gentle physical methods. For processing are prohibited: chemical refining, deodorization, hydrogenation, radiation exposure, artificial and synthetic sweeteners, preservatives, flavorings, mineralization and fortification products, genetically modified ingredients;

— sold in accordance with the seasons.

After a while, the holy place is taken by another shop environmentally friendly products "Shop real food"(St. B. Nikita, 24/1). Here, everything is more expensive than the deceased "Pumpkin", but there is a juice bar, which in addition to the usual fruit and vegetable juices can navertet something of greens or wheatgrass.

What to Buy EKOMARKET: natural oils, fruits, grains and meat. Eco-friendly ketchup and condiments. There are even organic coffee and tea.

Just from the garden

The cheapest, rational, but also the most time-consuming option — to buy food at some big market (by the way, one of the largest and cheapest vegetable markets — near the metro station "Teply Stan. " But do not think that once you have hit the market — before you immediately open placer organic vegetables and fruits. They, too, will have to dig in deposits of chemically processed foods.

Remember the cardinal rule client supermarket: rovnenky and beautifully packaged — so take! All natural products can be described as "on the face of the terrible, the good inside." Apples are Kryven'ka (but without chemicals), potatoes — melenkimi, farm chickens — three times thinner than the broiler on spetspodkormkah. Not processed meat can be distinguished by a gray shade — it zavetrivaetsya, after lying on the counter, it is a normal process. A cucumber harder than the more invested in their cultivation nitrogenous compounds. This cucumber should be soft. So we'll have a good run in the market in search of an environmentally correct food.

Passwords and appearance:

"Shop real food" and a juice bar Fushi: B. Nikita, 24/1.

Supermarket with the department of environmental products "Globus Gourmet": B. Jakimanka, 22, m "Glade"

"Jagannath": Kuznetsk bridge, 11.  

Vegetarian cafe "Avocado": Chistoprudni Boulevard, 12/2.

What you can buy in the market: cranberries, nuts, honey — without a doubt. Is a good chance that the seasonal "peasant" food would be environmental — potatoes, cabbage, carrots Kryven'ka, rustic cottage cheese and sour cream. But foolish to expect that the pineapple, in the spring bought on the market, will be something different from the store.

Feed me the right food

And finally, for those who do not like long purchase, and from whom stove in the kitchen was covered with a layer of dust — Eating a healthy diet. Moscow survivor — "Jagannath"At the Kuznetsk bridge. Everything here is nice, just and democratic. Any frills in the design, but there will of plastic utensils. But pathetically low prices, and all the dishes — only natural. Here and salads with beans and wheat germ, and milkshakes, and Chinese tea (which, by the way, you can buy with it.) Special squeak — for sweet lovers: a variety ekopirozhnye and ekosladosti own cooking. Extremely tasty, certainly useful.

More intricate option — cafe "Avocado. " In fact, he has a slightly different focus: in the "Avocado" nobody eat vegetarian cafe. But the chef swears that every dish cuisine in the style of "fusion" prepared exclusively from natural products.

Svetlana Malevich

Source: Magazine "Be healthy"

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