Where to find the real student life

The theme of the newspaper "Our words"- The 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic and the celebration of the anniversary of the BNR. In the article "Do not beloved day of birth" or "Why is the government does not like to own day of birth"States:" Every person only real day of birth and each country too. When independence was declared Belarusian country March 25, 1918, it recognizes that anyone is or not — nothing changes. It’s a real day of birth of our country in front of God and nature. A displace it in favor of those or other political ambitions, it’s completely in vain. "

Chief editor of this article is not accepted, and so we print

Another of the articles "Nasha Niva"Referred to as" The governing bodies of the BNR. "Reads editor Stanislav Sudnik:
"This is an article by Boris Simon (one of the editors of the" Belarusian historical magazine "). Chief editor of this article is not accepted, and so we print. Here painted about all eight governments BNR submitted information chairmen of all ministers Interior BNR, etc. . "
Is independent student newspaper of the "heirs" of Brest most of the materials freshest room also dedicates the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic. The literature seems creation story BNR is also the story of the exile government.
Several publications "heirs" devoted specifically to modern students, as the history of Belarusian student movement. One of them is called "Where to find the real student life", report editor Paul Belous:
"Creator Stephanie Malyuta expressed the view that most of the students now a real student life experiences. And the comparison results, there is not one that was under Constantine Kalinovsky or Adam Mickiewicz. If there were different student organizations that do what influenced the fate the country. "
"Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus"In the current issue publishes the article" How in Belarus close of business. "On an example of a correspondent of the newspaper knows, possible start a personal matter and it is difficult to eliminate registration.

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