Where to find the Vitebsk KGB RNE activists?

The agenda, which he received from the KGB Leonid Svetsik not indicated in what capacity he was going to question him. The human rights activist is not which excludes anything because already has experience with this institution. On May 23, his house came with a search warrant three KGB officer. In this document, the emperor was named Svetsik not suspect, and an eyewitness in the case of "inciting ethnic hatred." Human rights activist explained to that he initiated the initiation of proceedings and does not represent what real confirmation going to find in his apartment KGB. Vain. Was searched. After him Leonid Svetsik taken to the KGB and interrogated there for another two hours, removing the interrogation videos. Later took with human rights activists and his wife Lyudmila subscription nondisclosure Undercover investigation. On this day appointed the new interrogation Leonid Svetsik.
Recognizable public activist Boris Khamaida recalls that the case of "inciting public hatred" Vitebsk KGB started after numerous demands of local politicians and human rights activists. People protested against the wave of intimidation by activists RNE — extremist organization "Russian National Unity", which declared its own activities in Vitebsk. Danger from RNE previously received Vitebsk BPF and UCP, theater workers, and journalists. Letters to the dangers come in the mail and to Boris Khamajda. Long time Vitebsk KGB did not react to these facts and this gave grounds activist make his version on local fascists.
"Generally not sure if they are real people. I have a feeling that someone can sit in the office and write the letters, and later sent us."
I phoned to duty Vitebsk KGB and asked what status invited for questioning human rights activist Leonid Svetsik and why he raided. Also motivate me, found the KGB investigators RNE activists that threatened the inhabitants of the town. The attendant did not have this information, then I asked him to give me the phone spokesman. But I refused.
Reporter: "Why do not you give the press service of the phone? Even in Minsk give, and you — no? "
Attendant: "Such an order management."
Attendant promised that my questions will give the press service and she would call me. But by the end of the working of a day or call Vitebsk KGB, I did not.

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