Where to get tested for genital infections?

Where to get tested for genital infections?

If your life was a moment of X, exciting and magical, when he wanted to think only of the beautiful, and it was not until a little thing like a condom — then, with high probability, after some time, come a point Y, when you really want to check out at least for your own peace of mind.

Until a few decades ago, talking about sexually transmitted diseases, had in mind, especially those that occur with very characteristic and striking symptoms — such as syphilis and gonorrhea. As diagnostic methods have improved, the doctors seemed to put a new pair of glasses — and use them to find a far more insidious infection. Some microorganisms, once in the human body, causing momentary outbreak (but not always), and then, if there was no proper treatment, currently live in it quietly, as guerrillas, slowly climbing up the genital tract, and engaging in subversive activities. As a result, the carrier earns infection infertility, and even systemic (affecting the whole body) diseases such as Reiter's syndrome, in which the affected joints and conjunctiva of the eye — a consequence of chronic chlamydia.

It turns out that if the infection makes itself known shortly after infection, no matter how unpleasant feelings may have been — you're in luck, because you sure as soon as possible to see a doctor, and he will not be hard to help you. The struggle with the chronic form of the disease requires much more time and effort. Therefore, the only chance without a condom, even if your feelings on all right — a good reason to be examined by a doctor.

You can start with the way the clinic, it is STI clinic in your area. The next step in any case will be the same: you will be sent for tests — and, then, looking result laboratory tests, the doctor will diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Who give their blood?

In some clinics, blood and swab can be taken on the spot. It should be borne in mind that the private clinics with their own laboratories in Moscow can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Most of all, leave your samples to the lab, with which the clinic signed a contract, and you will wait for results of two extra days and pay extra for shipping and for the fact that you have saved a lot of trouble. Additional charges can be up to 150%. Determine where the analysis is done, one can on terms of performance. Laboratory procedure is the strength of a few hours. If the results will be ready later than the next day, it means that your blood involved somewhere else.

The institution modest patient simply give direction to a particular laboratory. A good doctor will recommend a safe place immediately and tell you exactly which tests you'd better deliver. Doctor in the public hospital can say "go, check for chlamydia and trichomonas," and give you complete freedom in how you do it. Either way, you can save money and time required for the first visit to the doctor and go to the lab immediately. Just be good to understand what you want.

First, respecting the place you do not promise to answer all at once in 15 minutes. So quick result can be obtained only by express strips that can only say "yes" or "no", with an error of 25%.

Next on the reliability of the analysis stage — little old fotoelektrokalorimetry to live out his life in some clinics. In modern laboratories, their long replaced by the so-called "closed-lab machines." These wonder machines work almost without human intervention, have a precise system for calibration and control — in general, deserve every confidence.

The best "instrument parks" among private laboratories in Moscow «In Vitro» and «Hemotest." There is a large laboratory-based research institutions: "Lytech" in the Institute of Physico-Chemical Medicine, as well as laboratories in institutes Sklifosofskiy and epidemiology. In addition, well equipped laboratory in the state of clinical and diagnostic center number five.

How to search?

Find that for a bacterium or a virus lodged in the recesses of your body can be a variety of ways, each with something good and something bad. The most traditional — swab or scraping when vaginal or urethral discharge are taken and a few cells of the epithelium. Then it all painted in a special way and examined under the microscope to see whether there suspicious dots or squiggles distinctive look. This is done very quickly, and so, in principle, it is easy to detect Trichomonas or gonococcus. That's barely even qualified technicians often are mistaken if they have to browse through hundreds of products a day.

The results will be much safer if you make a crop — that is, to place the collected biological material in a special growth medium. If the smear, or even spitting is pathogens, this week they multiply enough that they can be detected. In this method, one drawback — the need to wait for a week. In any case, it is important to take a scraping skillfully, because, for example, Chlamydia settles "hot spots", and if the miss by such a focus, one can and leave it unnoticed.

The fastest and most reliable at the same time are the methods of ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent analysis) And PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

ELISA looking for immunoglobulins in the blood (also known as antibodies) — special protein molecules that our body produces to fight infections. For each pathogen — its specific antibody, and the greater the concentration in the blood, the more serious infectious attack, against which it is necessary to hold the line. The result of this analysis is expressed in so-called titers (i.e. dilutions) at which data is detected immunoglobulins. Lower values mean a high titer of antibody concentration. In large laboratories typically do assays for antibodies of different classes, which are produced at various stages of infection.

With the latest PCR can detect the presence in the sample (e.g., in the same scraping) the DNA of infectious agents. This is one of the most sensitive methods, and whether the steel needles own DNA for a needle in a haystack would be looking for with its help. But this sensitivity is also the weak point of this technique. Even insignificant pollution that accidentally fall out of the air into the unit can cause false positive results. The risk increases in quantitative analysis, especially if in a place where it is not worth the filters bioremediation. Quality analysis In this sense believable because in this case the device during the working cycle remains closed. So to make sure it is best to do and ELISA and PCR. And if the results do not match — check them out by seeding.

The laboratories' Hemotest "and« In Vitro »Analysis can be taken once the package. This means that there is prepared in advance a list of analysis necessary to detect the most common pathogens of sexual infections. You pay all at once, donating blood and / or scraping, and do not break more over it until you get results. As for the results — if the answer is yes, then they should be urgently go to the doctor. And in any case, do not try to solve the problem yourself. The microorganisms that cause diseases of the genital organs, are the most insidious character, and deal with them on their own or on the advice of friends impossible.

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