Where to rest banned entry Belarusian bureaucrats?

Latest Issue "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" examine the implications of the abolition of benefits in Belarus. Now instead of them operate in the country and targeted assistance. To give her, do local authorities. In some areas means vydadtkavanyya for the year ended in three months. Now the executive committees of the Ministry of money require additional funds.
The newspaper also published an interview with a favorite group "Neyradyubel." Ban on broadcasting in television and radio, the campaign to musicians ideologue Presidential Administration Proleskovsky made a lot of noise. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" learns what he lives musician at the moment: who was the winner, — rock or ideologues. "King of Rock" is aware of a grown-up audience at concerts and very personal.
The current number "Belgazeta" recently tourism season delves where relax Belarusian bureaucracy which, according to the latest list of "banned", will not be allowed in the United States and European Union countries. They can enjoy countless offerings Russian farmhouse, — says deputy editor Victor Martinovic:
"We just turned in a number of tourist agencies, and they offered a number of tours to exotic countries: special tour personally under Zimouski, custom for Lydia Yermoshina" …
Under the heading "Vis" newspaper publishes controversy between Franak Vecherko, expelled from the journalism faculty of BSU for political reasons — and the city Bobrowicz, head of the Political Science Department of the Linguistic Institute. How to work hard in the municipal high school now — and lighter in the same university enrolled — in the pages of books.
The freshest newspaper "New Era" analyzes the state of entrepreneurship in Belarus. Within 2 months journalist Joseph Palubyatka collected in different regions of Belarus represent those working in small businesses. Why not appeared republican action against defeat entrepreneurship, whether it was generally probable — answers to these questions on the pages of the publication.
Also "New Era" offers its readers retraspektsyyu: 40 years ago in 1968 exploded youth revolution that stated values freedom and sexy rock. The newspaper publishes an interview with Ellen Shatelen, who participated in the events of ’68 in Paris.
Announcement of the usual "Fife Festival", which will begin on April 24 — in conversation with producer Dimitri activities Sosnowski. The reader will find out what is remarkable festival This year, lives than state Fife movement. The festival is scheduled ambiguous International Conference, to be held at the farm known master and musician Ales Elk. Scientific reports will be delivered by Denis Dry and Dmitry Sosnowski (Belarus), Zofia Janiczek (Poland), Yutaka Bank (Bulgaria) and other musicians and researchers.

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