Whether the government will claim loyalty to the church in response to the Concordat?

Tsigankov: "Website of the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus has published information that Belarus is preparing to sign a concordat with the Vatican. Would be appropriate to also remember that this year for the first time Alexander Lukashenko visited the Catholic Church Easter. Do you think that the attitude Belarusian control to the Catholic Church in the near future is changing, and if so, why is this happening? "

"This act of Belarus takes a step toward Europeanization itself"

Akudovich: "First of all — me, this news is very ustseshyla. And I would like, that the contract was signed, so she has a good, thorough and fruitful. Indeed, in the historical destiny of our lands the role of the Catholic Church has always been very important. And even if our lands were annexed to the Russian Empire, where there reigned Orthodoxy, Catholicism role still remains very significant.

Indeed, in the historical destiny of our lands the role of the Catholic Church has always been very important

And if at the moment this contract, this role would seem to be legitimized, it would certainly be in favor and read our authorities, and in favor of the West, the Latin world is beginning to motivate more of our power. This act of Belarus makes some sense to step Europeanization itself. "
Tsigankov: Alexei, as you see any signs of the configuration of the case to the authorities of the Catholic Church? If so, what caused it — domestic or foreign policy factors need?
"The main thing — that in the Catholic Church is not claimed for this loyalty"

Shein "In my opinion, the possible signing of a concordat — a phenomenon (as it is not considered) is more positive. We can only assume what prerequisites pushed power to it. My version — here played the biggest role is not so much a foreign pressure — because Western Europe is now worldly secularized society that does not direct special attention to the spiritual factor. Europe this simply is not engaged, does not insist that the Belarusian government should do business there any closely with the Catholic Church.
Play a major role here domestic political reasons — the desire to gain support for a very influential institution. This desire and urges to go to the signing of certain contracts. The very fact of a concordat — a positive phenomenon, but most importantly, that in the Catholic Church is not claimed for this fee in the form of loyalty on all issues, including — matters of public life. "
Tsigankov"But how did you discover this represent? Hard to imagine it as a point recorded in a document …"

This concordat simplify matters of social work for the Catholic Church

Shein"It can be a verbal agreement does not formally recorded at the level of those people who will sign this document. Again, this is only speculation, that we can put forward. Obviously, this concordat simplify matters of social work for the Catholic Church. Either will not pay for this silence on other issues — this problem, in fact. "
"Power in the end conceptually renounces adnavektarnay policy tied to the Russian"

Akudovich: "It seems to me that this step of the authorities falls under the general trend which begins to manifest itself in all spheres of life — from politics to economics to the spiritual realm. This is a very significant sign that the authorities finally conceptually renounces adnavektarnay policy tied to Russia. share as sales of municipal property, as contacts with the various political partners, and this act shows that the government realized and felt a sense and taste to be a descent into different vectors.
In 1-x, these vectors harmonize each other, to resist and do not give one to become dominant. But the most significant — they are identical to our land, history and mentality. It is always in the collective consciousness of the Belarusians Catholicism, attended church as a principled and its real component.
It seems to me that this solution lies in the plane of the current general trend of state ideology. "

"Those denominations that do not wish to be Broadcaster state ideology — prytsyasnyayutstsa"

Tsigankov: "Alex, for you as a representative of the BCD, for sure, numerous known facts that the authorities are not so favorable to the representatives of certain religious denominations, maybe first Protestant. Whether you agree with the thesis valentine that the Belarusian authorities renounces adnavektarnay policy and has does not make a specific bet on Russia and Orthodoxy? "
Akudovich: "Begins to renounce."
Tsigankov: "The amendment was adopted."
Shein"I see here is not so much geopolitics as domestic politics. Unfortunately, Europe, in fact, ceased to be a Christian continent, most Western European countries do not live in those commandments which are in the Bible, adopt such laws, which categorically contradict moral laws, which are in a new covenant.

Third largest Christian denomination — Protestants — as experienced persecution and exposed

In my opinion, the main task of the authorities — is to focus on support within the country and look for the Catholic Church in that institute, which would become if not priklnnym, at least neutral in the sense of social and political activities.
Third largest Christian denomination — Protestants — as experienced persecution and exposed. The government does not consider them as a confession, which can rely on the internal politics, but rather consider them as part of the opposition (by the way, Lukashenko said in his message on the Protestants — "they are worse than the opposition"). It says that the government has a very differentiated approach. Those denominations initiative which is unrealistic to expect as a Broadcaster state ideology — prytsyasnyayutstsa, and I think that will continue prytsyasnyatstsa.

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