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It has now become clear that Emanuel Zeltser already sent to the colony in Mogilev, where he will serve three years in prison. According to the lawyer Dmitry Harachka, he was told about it in the Minsk detention facility, where he came to encounter with his client. Details not moving lawyer said. On Friday, the emperor Harachka going to come in Mogilev colony, where hopes to get at least some information about Zeltser.
"Met most likely will not allow him, as there are quarantined for two weeks, during which meetings are forbidden. But at least know how to drop off. As his condition and maybe get him to give any medicine."
Mogilev two colonies — number 15 and number nineteenth Last created for offenders convicted for the first time. Dmitry Harachka believes that just in this colony and send Emanuel Zeltser.

Valery LevonevskyBusinessman Valery Levonevsky first 2000s years was sentenced to two years for insulting the president and part of the punishment served in Mogilev colony number 19. Valery Levonevsky recalls, then a colony of roughly in Belarus, her Department of Execution of Punishment MIA for the first time conducted experiments that were later used in all the colonies of the country.
Valery Levonevsky believes that he was sent to the colony for the "speedy reform", but to no avail. Levaneusky protested that the colonies did not give the white bread, and it is rapidly transferred to another place. And yet the last political prisoner kept partially good memories of the 19th colony.
"There are aspects of his, but relatively good living conditions. Contingent there too good — first time convicts. Colony in 5 sectors, each with several units. His most likely be directed to the first squad so called hardware, where labor convicts associated with the service. There is a good gym, however, on the air. You can even improve health. "
According Levaneuski, Mogilev colonies provided "prison" bread. His bake bakery 15th colony and bring prisoners for 19 minutes. But "prison" bread Levonevskiy not like — very hard, with high humidity, unappetizing "From him all stomachs hurt. Apparently, something is added to the bread, and write off as if all ate condemned" — says Valery Levonevsky .
It is clear that Emanuel Zeltser — seriously ill a number of acquired diseases. By Levanevskogo honey part in the colony well armed and there you can count on some help.
"But all this is comparable. If man" crush ", he can do bad conditions in the colony itself best."
Vladlena Funk, assistant and secretary Zeltser send Gomel women colony. This colony is clear that there were in the prison yard steel cell in which violations for a few hours in all weathers placed prisoners ladies.

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