Which of the majestic monument is to put the Belarusians?

Man: "We have no Grodno 1st monument Belarusians from Duke Vytautas and ending with Constantine Kalinovsky. So all they need to put, they are worthy."

Vasil Bykov necessary, since he wrote a truly noteworthy books about war

Man: "Bogdanovich, Colas, Kupala — it’s majestic writers."
Reporter: "What do you think?"
His wife: "Vasil Bykov necessary, as he wrote a truly noteworthy books about the war, and most importantly — true. And you know, you need to film Suvorov monuments and streets named after him changed. Already we opened the eyes of a little out who he was for our people. "
Reporter: "And that instead of its monuments? .."
Lady: "The Belarusian people led by Tadeusz Kosciuszko."
Lady: "You know, since I really love Belarusian literature — Vladimir Korotkevich. Understand that Vasil Bykov — is something sacred and he already has a monument in Belarus. "
Reporter: "No, Vasil Bykov this time there is no monument …"
Lady: "No? This is incorrect, incorrect. He must certainly put a monument. And I thought that a monument in Minsk Vasil Bykov already put …"

Tadeusz Kosciuszko need to deliver. He deserved, he’s our national hero

Man: "That’s Vasil Bykov, a real writer. I’d really wished that his memory was honored. And yet — Masherov. It was beautiful manage Belarus, its people respected. Kalinouski And Constantine, as a national hero, but still somewhere in park, where it plays many people, beheld, and so proud of him. "
Young Man: "Tadeusz Kosciuszko need to deliver. He deserved, he’s our national hero."
Woman: "I would put Yakub Kolas and Yanka Kupala. On my eyes, they brought the most significant contribution to the development of the Belarusian language and culture. "
Man: "For example, Yanka Kupala and Francis Scorina monuments already have, but I would put them more, for they are worthy."
Lady: "I wish that was a monument of Vasil Bykov. This is a national writer and lover Belarusians ".
Woman: "President Alexander Lukashenko. This heroic figure, a man so to speak, minded. A monument to him until this time no. "

Lukashenko — a heroic person, people minded. A monument to him This time no

Young Man: "Maxim Bogdanovich."
Reporter: "Why him specifically?"
Young Man: "I do not know, but he I really Like as a poet and as a person. "
2nd boy: "And I would put a monument to Konstantin Kalinouski. I love it …"
Man: "Kirill of Turov true Belarusians, who did a lot for their own people and country."
Lady: "I, for example, Vladimir Mulyavin. Man without being a Belarusian origin, as did for Belarusian culture that even urged other nations to know about Belarusians glorified them whole world . "

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