Who attacked the office of the BPF?

Militiamen Russian district of Minsk fixed the damages caused. This is not the first case when they are called to the estate BPF after, as unknown messing walls and doors resin or paint. August 16 2006 unknown attached to the door Justices fake bomb. Near leaflets were scattered with symbols RNE ("Russian National Unity"). Themselves members of the unregistered party then denied its role in vandalizme dubbed it a provocation and special services. Policemen assigned to district inspector to inspect, and it’s finished. In any of the cases where attacks were made on the party office, criminals do not find.
Favourite BPF Lavon Barshcheuski expressed their worldview:

Vice-chairman BPF Viktor Ivashkevich added:
"Not Having the ability suspend Belarus pro-European sentiments that grow with Every funny day, marginal agents Russian Empire makes little pakastsi. In principle, this is not the first time — and smeared door and thrashed glass, and hung a fake bomb — but it is absurd sample intimidate those who intimidate unreal. This indicates the squalor of the mind those people, that make such actions. "

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