Who povinet that Schengen visas for Belarusians are so expensive?

Young lady: "Who povinet? You can not so easy to answer, you need to weigh everything. Maybe they appreciate our foreign policy so because it — their response: worse than our foreign policy — the greater the cost. This — the first thing that comes to mind. "

Guilty of our management, the Belarusian

Man: "I believe that this is guilty of our management, Belarus. Must be in close contact with friends and neighbors — Poland with the same, and the two presidents meet, open a discussion this question. I think that everything can be solved at the level of civilized" .
Young Man: "Schengen visa? I myself trucker. I do not know at the moment, "Pole’s Card" is. If you have Polish roots, the Polish government visa free only on the ground that acts of Poland. I have Polish roots, but I have not studied this issue. I have at the moment, the German "Schengen". But for some reason it is a very long time in the near future. Certainly since joined the EU countries such as Poland and Lithuania. "
Reporter: "Well, why are not cheap Schengen visas for Belarusians? Povinet Who, on whom it depends?"
His friend: "From our government, from who else?
Young Man: "Likely, justified the political situation in our country. In short, there are some violations Human Rights, which responds to the European Union. I get a Polish visa, because I leave there for training. "

Government is guilty, who povinet? They are not allowed in Europe

His friend: "Who povinet? Government is guilty, who povinet? They are not allowed in Europe, where they are heading? In Venezuela somewhere. And we far to go to Venezuela and we discover we can not buy a ticket there, because it is easier to go to Poland. Just do not want to stand in long queues, well worth it and not cheap! "
Man: "Who povinet? I do not know (laughs), to be honest. Depends on whom? I think the European Company and more from anyone. "
Young Man: "In Last year I was still a student at YSU. It is faster, depending on the Belarusian politicians, because they are afraid of the brain drain. YSU training — four years, and then you can get a residence permit in Lithuania. Belarusians are afraid of this leak. They do not want to let go, because they do not like the West, while others are simply trying to revive Belarus, and is that the channels are blocked. "
His girlfriend: "I wish to say About insulation. Channels overlap quite everywhere, soon to be, as once Japan — isolated country of Belarus. "

Channels overlap quite everywhere

Youth"We’re going back to the Soviets, to the typical steel curtain. Say, "The Beatles" — it’s bad, and there is a rock, sex, corruption, drugs, it means the moral decay of youth, and we promote healthy lifestyles. How it is better to say we quickly cult of force, not brains. The strength is, the brain is not necessary. "
Young Man: "From price depends visas? From our government. Surely it is profitable."
Man: "Governments should address these issues, we have nothing to depend on."

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