Why A.Borovskomu returned seized property?

March 27 Supreme Court completed the process of the former chairman of "Belneftekhim". This process lasted more than a month. Let me remind you, the prosecution believed that Alexander Borovsky through mismanagement caused the state losses over 1.6 million bucks. Ex-head of "Belneftekhim" do not recognize, but in the last statement said that "feels guilty before Alexander Lukashenko," which "it has always supported." What he povinet directly before Lukashenko, Borovsky not talked to him.
The Tribunal acknowledged that Alexander Borovsky caused "significant loss of interest of the country", but not greedy, but from personal motives. Lawyer convicted Vasily Tula yet failed to clarify what is meant.
"The Tribunal decided that substantial damages inflicted not for greed, but for personal intrigued. Tribunal What led to this conclusion is somewhat unrealistic to say, because you have to read the whole sentence, his motivation," — said Radio Liberty lawyer.
Alexander Borovsky was arrested in May last year, and former chairman of the judge "Belneftekhim" began in February. Already at the first meeting, it became clear that in Borowski and his relatives were arrested property: two apartments in Minsk, two in Bobruisk, suburban home, auto.
Later in court sounded details Borowski currency account abroad. One of the journalists mentioned:
"During the process sounded from the lips Borowski that he does not know where his accounts of Cypriot bank lost almost half a million bucks. Borowski stated that the funds borrowed from the 1st friend from Riga to build a suburban home."
Now tribunal withdrew the arrest with all property Alexander Borovsky and his family. Tribunal also rejected the claim real "Belneftekhim" former manager. The suit has a size of 1.6 million dollars. Representative of the concern in the court refused to comment on the decision. Declined to comment, and the prosecutor Sergei Telezhevich. After the verdict did not wish to speak and daughter of Alexander Borovsky.
On trial for recent years visited by many leaders of large Belarusian companies. For more than six years behind bars last MTZ Director Mike Leone, Tribunal found guilty of embezzling several million dollars. According to the verdict, Misha Leonov will serve in the colony still almost 4 years.
Slightly another example — last chapter Novopolotsk association "Naftan" Konstantin Chesnovitsky. In October 2006, for causing losses of more than one million dollars through the abuse he was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment. First, in 2008 the emperor Chesnovitsky released. It has been reported that it is offset loss.
We can assume that more than any other lucky former managing director of President Galina Zhuravkova. Three year reversed Tribunal found her guilty of embezzling more than 2 million dollars and sentenced to four years in prison. At trial, Galina Zhuravkova guilty not recognized immediately saying about wine before Alexander Lukashenko "for what has not justified his confidence." In jail the former head of affairs has not got. Initially, she was recognized as unhealthy, and later pardoned by the special decree of Alexander Lukashenko.

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