Why can not I make a pro-Russian opposition?

Tsigankov: "On April 2, our morning broadcast Parfenovich argued that most Belarusians for unification with Russia. Over the years, there were also former political trials to earn political capital topic for example, Leonid Sinitsyn. But they were generally inconclusive. Why? "

"In 1-x, it is not true that the majority of Belarusians Belarusian union with Russia. Today, for sure, the advantage in the Belarusian society have values independence. And first of the Russian Federation, as no one else threatens cancellation of our independence.
None of Belarusians do not want a confrontation with Russia, and lose independence nobody is going. Because this officious "day of unity" nobody lures. Whatever did not read as some marginal politicians who refuse to reckon with the fruits of opinion polls and common sense. "
Tsigankov: "But a certain commitment to the Russian Federation in a certain part of society still exist .. Why are they not connected voedinyzhdy politically? Not since Alexander Lukashenko own policy covers the entire pro-Russian electorate?"
Mackiewicz: "I do not think that the entire pro-Russian electorate for Lukashenko. Much of the pro-Russian supporters and ethnic Russians in Belarus have a democratic arrangement. They do not like the power of Lukashenko, but they are pretty favorites for yourself is not found."
Tsigankov: "In Ukraine, for example, are generally more strong national feelings — but there is a block of pro-Russian parties, which so called" Russian bloc. "In Belarus, anything that is not present. Does, but it is a potential political niche?"
Mackiewicz: "In principle has. The problem, but that no one wants to reinforce this spot some real electoral potential electoral activities. Need someone to organize it. And if some of our politicians think that rather only to call, doing nothing — not call enough.
If you wish to have "at Bangalore" something that will impress others, initially to provide some amount, critical mass — and this is provided by your actions, heads, arms and legs. And only later reported to date information PR. Then this critical mass will join hundreds of people — and on the other does not happen. "

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