Why Hockey Federation refused Chases?

So national federations celebrate the most important for the development of hockey page of their own history. From that idea was abandoned only Belarusian team that first 1990 way into elite hockey start under the historical "Chase." The official explanation of the Ice Hockey Federation of the Republic of Belarus said about the impossibility of such a step — say, before independence in 1991, Belarus has not acted as an independent team.
According to the International Ice Hockey Federation disk imaging, the absolute majority of participants in the finish of the World Cup in Canada enthusiastically responded to the initiative of note such makarom anniversary of the federation.
Hosts of the championship in one of the matches will take to the ice in the form of 1976 in honor of the victory in the first Canada Cup. Their geographical neighbors, the Americans, will be reminded of their own triumph at the 1960 Olympics. Existing Olympic favorites, Swedes will play for gold sweaters their World Cup 1957. Latvian team has opted for the form in which Latvians Russian occupation started before the Olympics in 1936. French braked on a form 1968, which were played at the Olympics in own country — in Grenoble. Russian team will be released in the USSR national team jerseys in 1956 when she made her debut at the Olympics and won the gold. Heirs of another, is not available on the map of the country — Czechoslovakia — Czechs will, repeated favorite global championships and Olympic Games. On the website the International Ice Hockey Federation posted image retro forms of all participants of the championship, except Belarus team (www.iihf.com / channels / iihf-world-championship / vintage-jerseys.html).
In the office of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation confirmed that they had received a request from the International Federation. A failure to join the retro company explained to those that the Belarusian team did not have command of the state prior to independence in 1991. Another argument was that the standard form of the early 1990s has been preserved, all handed out to players. But many converges in outlook, that the question of a political sports defected. Alexander Lukashenko in the midst of the 1990s personally initiated the rejection of historical characters. For the introduction of white-red-white flag and emblem of "race" in Belarus now lured to justice.
Since 1993 and for the next eight years, just from the beginning of the Belarusian team to climb one of the world’s naisilneyshy, vice-president of the Ice Hockey Federation Belarus was Vladimir Berazhkou. He says that when all teams have found an opportunity to recall the outstanding story of your own page and hockey, with a strong desire that it was able to do and Belarus:
"We started in 1995 as a" Chase. "It was a municipal coat of arms, which is adorned sweaters national team players. Term" uniform "we won three tournaments in including were in group "B". And in group "B" in 1996 we put in the newest form with the word "Belarus" in Latin characters. Certainly, it would be interesting to behold team in retro form, though this story is not that long, is not deeply rooted in the depths of time — say, not in 1936, but only five in 1993. In other words, not so retro … Now read the comment Hockey Federation that they allegedly did not survive this form. I myself remember that these were by winning the tournament, and the conditions were such that if the team wins, the T-shirts we give hockey players. In other words, if they are, then the personal collections. Just know that there is no set form. But to produce this form — this is a question for the Federation. "
Of course, the even more so remained unique sets in those teams who have chosen for themselves in the form of retro 1930s or even the 1970s. But the federation went on spending and sewed costumes in historical patterns.
Longtime captain Belarus standard early 1990s Andrievskii Alexander says that the history of Belarusian hockey quite small compared with other hockey powers. But proud of the first successes of which coincided with the then symbols should:
"Yes, then was" race ", if you remember. I had a couple of T-shirts, one even recall exactly made for a gift. But objectively speaking, we have such a small period of hockey that choose some form of retro- simply not necessary. judge themselves: we had a descent "Pursuit", later we came back to the old coat of arms, which have hitherto.’s all. Essentially, we choose and especially not anything else. If indeed take our history, against the background of all the other teams it is completely de minimis. Thus, "The Chase" was in 1995 in Bulgaria, when we went out in the group "B", but it has not been elite. already went to the elite when sweaters "Belarus" was written. If we take our neighbors Latvians same, then their own state was before, so they decided to play in the form. But you understand that Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia has always stood alone. "
Hockey World Championship will be held in Canada from 2 to 18 May. At the preparatory stage of the competition on May 7 Belarusian team will play with a competitor who will wear retro shape. This will be the team of France. Belarus will hold all the games in the form of a municipal coat of arms today.

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