Why InvestPramBank eliminated?

This financial institution made entrepreneurs from England. Taking advantage of the free economic zone, they checked in with little probability that the sum of equity — 500 tyschav euros.
But Last year changed Banking Code of Belarus. Now a small amount of equity is for 5 million euros. The founders of "InvestPramBanku" did not want to run across to the new working conditions.
Past chairman of the Board of the State Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bahdankevich finds that the decision is consistent with the Belarusian legislation: "This is the second bank eliminated for this reason. All banks have been warned time and again about the configurations of their owners — to continue its activities in Belarus or not. Maybe in market economies previously it did not come to be. But we administrative economy. "

Tags: Bogdanovich, likivdatsyya bank

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