Why lawyer Zeltser visits every day?

Declined to answer this question and lawyer Dmitry Harachka, protecting arrested Yankees. Sovereign Harachka referred to the fact that the case of Emanuel Zeltser been classified "state of Enigma." Earlier it was reported that Emanuel Zeltser feels very bad, it lacks pharmaceuticals. That’s what Dmitry Harachka told "Liberty" on the defendant’s health:
"Everything remains as it was. Nothing changes. Improvements does not have a health mourn."
Correspondent"And give him needed medication?"
Fever"Some pass, but local. And those who have registered to him in America, do not convey. I had to pass him some medicine, but it is not essential for this supakoyvannya."
Correspondent"Is it true, that for two months he significantly changed the outside, it looks worse?"
Fever"Anyway, what I saw when he was arrested, and at this point, really, is significantly different."
Correspondent"And you beheld him after prolonged detention?"
Fever"I see it every day."
Correspondent"And what he says about the continuation of the investigation?"
Fever"Yet I have never met a person who is satisfied with the continuation of the investigation. And in the case of his position remains constant."
Correspondent"What he did not povinet Yes? And what is the need to see him every day?"
Fever"So our contract specified that I do every day with him bachusya. Him easier as he then has no relatives, no. Including psychologically easier. And plus it gives me an opportunity to impose that no outrage against it will not be . "
Recall, according to the U.S. embassy consul Caroline Savage, who saw Emmanuel Zeltser in the KGB detention center, he lamented the fact that after the arrest to him to use physical force.
According to Russian news agency "RIA Novosti" and newspaper "The Moscow Post", the client Emanuel Zeltser John Kay lost in a New York court case on the legacy of the late Georgian billionaire Badri Patarkatsishvili, his widow Inna Gudavadze. She accused Kaye and his lawyer Emanuel Zeltser that they forged Patarkatsishvili to possess all of its business. Georgian tycoon inherited according to various estimates of 8-12 billion dollars. On designated information sources, John Kay at the hearing in New York admitted that the documents presented his lawyer Emanuel Zeltser, have no legal force in respect of the property Patarkatsishvili.
At the same time, disk imaging on the Internet publication "Belarusian News", in fact the court loser John Kay, was not. May 2 sides of the dispute came to a temporary agreement, which the referee and approved according to which up to that time, until the tribunal justify recycling, John Kay and Emanuel Zeltser undertake not to claim the rights to dispose of property Patarkatsishvili and submit documents to confirm these rights .
Zeltser’s brother Mark said "Belarusian news" that it was also decided that the court in New York will continue after release Zeltser, who can not answer the charges because in custody in Minsk. Tags: Seltzer, fever, KGB

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