Why Lukashenko criticizes Russia crisp white?

Tsigankov: "Do you think these words are sincere or Head of State really skeptical about the project "Snow White Russia"?

Kalinkina: "I think from the beginning he was quite skeptical about this project, but Actually Lukashenko knew how to be created "Snow White Russia" and in what ways it is created. Obviously, I do not think anyone will be punished for what they are driving in the "snow-white Rus" — as was never punished for what drove BRYU. Just words Lukashenko seems indicate, that the project "Snow White Rus" lost relevance that he had from the beginning.
As I understand, the project thought for the parliamentary elections, as well as a partnership project that Putin will head the "United Russia" and will be such interparty relations between the countries. But the parliamentary elections did not have time. Later realized that under the law political parties can not exist in the enterprise. Later began competitiveness in the midst of various pro-government associations — Youth Union, unions, veterans and others. And because at the moment, as I understand it, this project yakby floating in the air — not many people know what to do with it. "
Tsigankov: "United Russian Federation" with "snow-white Russia" failed (yes such tasks Lukashenko did not set), and it seems that the project is considered as a fallback. But close it until? "
Kalinkina: "No, I do not think it will. Draft will keep about in store, because before, maybe more will be elections in the Parliamentary Assembly of Belarus and Russia. But in general I think, that never deviated from its strategic thesis that he does not belong to any party that he is the president of all Belarusians. Because I think he’s from the beginning quite critical of this project. "

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