Why politicians do not protect historical heritage?

About two hundred invaluable testimony Belarusian history irretrievably lost or rebuilt beyond recognition. Why politically active part of society does not consider protection starasvetchyny own priority?
Why in the midst of political slogans no opposition calls to protect the historic heritage, which currently consume an epidemic in different regions of Belarus? Historian, one of the favorites of the Belarusian Social-Democracy Alexey Lord believes that a prerequisite to — usually a passive attitude of Belarusians to the dilemma:

"Policy on the settlement of historical monuments and was, in fact, remained at the moment. Little break came in" binge "kebichavskay democracy, when the impact of the public was more powerful and spetsefichesky way though drew attention to the preservation of these monuments. In the Belarusian society, to unfortunately, have always been passive flegmantichny case the destruction of monuments. It never caused mass protests, which would affect such policy change. Maybe this can explain passive stance of modern opposition politicians who do not behold the relevance of this motto is to capture the sympathy electorate. But this is a mistake. mottos For social welfare stand slogans spiritual well-being. "
Reporter: "So what activity can be expected?"
"I think so. How will the criticism from the media, opposition politicians will direct attention to it. Because perfectly that" Freedom "raises this topic . "

Designer Vladimir Cinch within a couple of years tried to improve the situation in the post of Head of the municipal inspector protection of historical and cultural heritage of the City Committee. But failed to realize the plans — a very massive lobby is not enough interest in preserving the historical heritage, but is intensively pursuing commercial interests. With all this the role of senior management in the country This process is not the last:
"Confusing behavior illogicality modern ruling administration. I’m not even talking at the country level, and talking about the Minsk city executive committee. Huge shock there specifically illogicality of the administration, before the City Committee. And I think that Alexander G. will look in this collection just last . I am fully convinced that almost 90% of all "booth" was imputed to him aktseptatsyyu. And after actors began to be covered with the Tipo "mountain", from above, from the president’s administration itself that momentum to build all that on Today illegally constructed on the area. "

One of the most active politicians in a democratic environment Paul Seviarynets convinced that joint efforts to protect the still surviving monuments can. But lacks the brain — coordination. Before the practice shows, a large part of society though outraged process of destruction, but the kitchen is more outrage can not stand:
"If you ask for, you can stop the process. Vitebsk We did a similar campaign, when the front of the" Slavic market "destroyed the foundations Pjatnitskoj Church at Liberty Square. So, here, I can say to you: on vserasprostranennye 30 thousand leaflets came to 50 people. Other words can also say that the people this not currently very topical. Yet, people gathered, held worship and work quickly turned. Grodno on the situation is more complicated. There many examples of efforts, but, unfortunately, does not come to inform all residents of Grodno. But, in fact, if you put a goal for yourself, you can achieve results. It only about the power of pressure. But so far, even in the most important moments, unfortunately, we can not coordinate efforts on so much that do . "
Minsk standard late last century and the beginning of a new — these are two huge differences. On site of old historic buildings in the center of an epidemic are buildings that the city authorities are positioning "brought up to date heirs" ruined monuments. Rebuilt Nyamiha new buildings appeared on the streets of Herzen, Commerce, Cyril and Methodius, locally destroyed house on Revolutionary, Komsomolskaya, collector. On the facts in the best case, some media and react bunch obsessed historians. Volunteer chairman of the Belarusian Society for Historic Preservation and Cultural Anton Astapovich convinced that in such a situation is easy to cultivate interested structures "wheel bail" when in the process of destruction of monuments situation turn because they need it:
"Though what can the ordinary building complex restoration work. Besides, they demolished not only so, but it summed up under certain expert opinions. But you see, in our criteria for an expert opinion that is needed is a can and write. Since all service between themselves tied. What expertise that Minsk city executive committee — all as statedcamping, a single mechanism. "

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