Why secret deal Emanuel Zeltser?

May 7 in the bullpen KGB lawyer Emanuel Zeltser visited. Let me remind you of the South American citizen was arrested at the airport Minsk-2 back on March 12. More than a week KGB acknowledged the arrest and said the Yankees suspected forgery. With addition time officially no recent disk imaging investigation of Zeltser was not supplied. Refused to talk about the case and the lawyer Harachka.
"This fact consequently gave vulture state secret, and because of it I can not read. "
Lawyer agreed to continue talking only about the health of their own client. According to Dmitry Harachka Emanuel Zeltser feels bad.
"He feels bad laments the state of health, says that it is bad, "- said Dmitry Harachka.
Earlier it was reported that Emanuel Zeltser has languishing disease, it requires special medications that the KGB prison do not accept. In late April, Emanuel Zeltser met with Consul U.S. Embassy in Belarus Caroline Savage. Savage said that Emanuel Zeltser "very thin, barely moved and read." Consul also held that national complained that he was beaten.
In New York, lives brother Emanuel Zeltser, recognizable South American musician Mark Zeltser. In late March, he sent a letter to the Prosecutor General of Belarus and Presidential Administration Lukashenko with a request to release his brother. What are the results of these letters?
"I never come no one answered. Know that the State Department is also trying to release it, but did not yet come out. Unfortunately, there is nothing."
March 25 The U.S. State Department called on the government of Belarus to release Zeltser of "humanitarian reasons." On the answer to this appeal is unclear.
Recall lawyer Emanuel Zeltser was Georgian businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili, who died in London in February 2008 in Minsk Emanuel Zeltser flew Tipo for Heritage Georgian oligarch claimed by different persons.

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