Why so afraid Kozulin Lukashenko?

Listeners "Freedom" continue to open a discussion message to the head of state to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly.
Prince"For the 15th year, Alexander Lukashenko urges people own a little more patient. Later prices, whether you like it or not, you still will rise."
"On Tuesday, Lukashenko all" sent ", not counting own beloved hockey."
Emperor Andrew Bychaŭ"Why Lukashenko Communist Kozulin so afraid? Maybe he sees in it its own successor?"
On the question of the listener Andrew Bikhov responsible political scientist, Doctor of Philosophy Doctor Vyacheslav Orgish:
"The very tone of Lukashenka in connection with special Kozulin already draws attention extreme tension zeal to ensure that it is deleted from the public consciousness. And they themselves act more brightest. When the funeral took place of Ira Kazulina Alexander Kozulin was released just a day or 3. Immediately it was obvious what happened to shock society. was saying that Kozulin — one of the political parties, which are able to carry along. Because, of course, the power, the first room in the government understands this. This is forcing power-in-1 x, angry, in-2, refers to Kozulin very aggressively. "
Students ‘Freedom’ they say words of support for political prisoners:
Mrs."Through your radio appeal to mothers Andrei Kim and the other mothers of political prisoners. Proud of their offspring, this is true Belarusians, strong spirit and overcome all that fell on their difficult fate. Thanks to you for such sons, our future and hope."
Prince"In Germany, operates 40 reactors. Still planning to build 10. Poland plans to build a nuclear power station, Lithuania. So why Milinkevich Lebedko and oppose the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus? And in general they oppose any construction. Ice palaces not like library I do not like, do not like sports facilities. Neuzh something they do not hunt to Belarus was at the level of advanced countries? "
Listener questions answered by the chairman of the Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko:
"The United Democratic Forces act just with the concept, to build up a developed economy. But, of course, we are against the creation of monuments.’s True. I do not consider it appropriate or economically hand, nor on the basis of belief urgent need to build a culture of Belarusian State Library while locked hundreds of libraries in villages. Same with ice palaces and sports development in the regions. We just have different approaches — what to build and where to build. Same thing with a nuclear power plant. radio listeners that knows what will reactor where will keep unsafe waste? While there is a system of people with access to the disk imaging, secrecy, taboo information if no parliamentary oversight of public control over the government, to build nuclear power plants — a big risk. "
Prince"Watching meeting 2-Ministers of Defence, Belarusian and Russian. Our defense minister — Colonel-General in the form, and Russian civil. Neuzh then Russian defense minister, as a South American, a civilian?"
Thus, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov — a civilian, he worked in the tax office in the company on the sale of furniture, Candidate of Economic Sciences and Law. In some countries, the ministers of defense — the ladies. In the land of the rising sun, for example. The new Minister of Defence of Spain, 37-year-old Carmen chaconne — the seventh month of pregnancy.
Listener responds to a question last Belarusian Defense Minister Gen. Pavel Kozlovsky:
"Civilians defense ministers in almost all countries of the world have in Finland, in the United States. Now almost all states of the European Union defense ministers civilians. This — a sign of democracy, a sign that the civilian society holds the key power structures. I’m not I see nothing wrong. It’s okay. I think in Belarus Defense Minister ever could become a civilian. main thing — that he was educated and knew the difficulties of the Armed Forces. This very principle. "
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