Will Belarus 2 billion dollars?

IMF mission running Nevena Mates hold meetings at the State Bank and Belarusian government during operation until November 6. This was said at the consulate of the IMF in Belarus.
According to the IMF, the global crisis had a negative impact on the economy of Belarus, access to external financing. At the same time, changing conditions in international trade badly affected the balance of payments.
State Bank and the government appealed to the IMF to provide a loan of 2 billion dollars. The State Bank is explained to the need to make "safety cushion" in the criteria of the global financial crisis.
Also asked for the official Minsk 2 billion loan to the Russian authorities. In Russia declared its acceptance of "fundamentally solutions" to allocate such credit.
The international monetary fund and the Government of Ukraine have gained fundamentally agreement on a loan of 16.5 billion dollars. This loan is designed to two years and must be approved by the Board of Directors of the IMF.
As the representative of the IMF, Ukraine "developed severe package of measures aimed at solving problems caused by falling steel prices, the financial crisis and the associated difficulties in the monetary system of the state."
IMF wants to provide prompt assistance to Ukraine and this programm is focused "on the implementation of precautionary steps to support confidence, economic and monetary stbilnastsi."

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