Will Belarus National Museum of Chernobyl?

Now the village Sudkova Khoyniki district meeting held Chernobyl. To the villagers come their countrymen that after the Chernobyl clusters dispersed in different regions of Belarus. Organize a meeting of village Chernobyl museum that such action is celebrating its first anniversary.
A pioneer in the creation of a local museum became the last manager of an agricultural cooperative "Sudkova" Nicholas Sadchanka. After he led Hoinikskii executive committee, and is currently working in Gomel. But Nicholas Sadchanka sure that without his specific role museum deal not stall:
"Starting the museum made. But we need to develop. Bid We introduced the Director has research staff. Defined direction, everything is done."
Nicholas Sadchanka convinced that Belarus should have the state Chernobyl museum in Ukraine. In this museum, you must open specifically Khoiniki district, where the Republican headquarters in eliminating the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster:
"Then I had huge plans. Dvorishche In the settlement Fri preserved three-storey school building, where kids 12 years are not trained. Wish I was there to do a museum. And together with him memorial resettled villages by type Khatyn. 421 We have the same settlement ended the existence of due to the Chernobyl disaster. "

Belarus after Chernobyl town lost 421

The museum "Chernobyl disaster" yet exhibits little. First, it documents illustrating picture accident figures, facts, and orders. The museum does not cease to collect artifacts and is counting on the support of all stakeholders. First, says organizer Nikolai Sadchanka Museum, seeks to clarify the fate of all the consequences of the disaster liquidators. Their names, incidents of life, their memories of those catastrophic days.
Meanwhile Kiev Museum of Remembrance of the Victims of Chernobyl has been operating for many years — it was open on the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster April 26, 1992. Exposure around 7,000 exhibits — declassified documents, maps, photos, Houseware Ukrainian folk culture Polessye collected expedition museum in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. In Kiev museum can see the unique video, computer programs from the catastrophe and its consequences, acting trohfazavuyu Diarra "Chernobyl NPP before, during and after the tragedy," and even the layout of power disaster. But through all the exposition (the museum has several large halls) reddish line — fate and names of the victims of the liquidators.
Deputy Chairman of the dilemmas of the Chernobyl disaster, ecology and nature of the House of Representatives Nikolay Sergienko said to us that he personally, unfortunately, not beheld Kiev museum:
"But I definitely, as statedsmiling, his arms and legs for the fact that have our country such a museum. This is the story of our country, this is the current story. It is an event that changed the life of the republic. "
Recognizable Belarusian euro Valery Dranchuk are establishment of the state museum becomes especially topical at the moment, when Belarus is going to build a nuclear power station:

Chernobyl museum should be in the "sarcophagus": the Palace of the Republic.

"But Hoinikskii area — so far. And I think must be Folk Museum of Chernobyl. If even started to build the Palace of the Republic, it dubbed the sarcophagus, as it really looked like at first sarcophagus.
And I joined it and began conducting in publications such a world: indeed, this building should be given for different shows, as presently done, but there must be a Chernobyl Museum. Thus the real — the euro, the world level. Not any local history Page Chernobyl, Chernobyl exposure. And it should be a very powerful museum. As than now there Chernobyl? This is the history of the world. And it must find its reflection. "
Those who have visited the Kiev Museum of Chernobyl, say its scale is impressive. The leitmotif of the exhibition: a large power of the human mind, which must comply with and responsibility for the act. The motto of the exhibition zvlyaetstsa winged Latin phrase "There is a limit to grief — not to alarm her» («Est dolendi modus, non est timendi").
Photos from the exhibition in Kiev museum can look Here

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