Will Hillary Clinton Paul Seviarynets?

"Star" in 1938 reported: "May 5, a huge mass festivities opened Minsk park named in bitter … This year Park substantially extended and renovated. Constitution Square is set 15-meter model of the Kremlin towers, decorated with reddish star. Art exhibited on the square panels, reflecting workers’ rights … The park will be installed on the days of duty-propagandists advisers elections The Supreme Council BSSR. "
From the pages of "Evening Minsk" in 1978 the history department of BSU student V.Bogina says: "Not so long ago we held a conference readers memories L.I.Brezhneva" Little Land "… When you read the pages of memoirs L.I.Brezhneva, you feel the same: Tipo vysazhvaeshsya coupled with paratroopers under Novorossiysk himself feel that means deadly hail of metal … And the second part of the memories — "Rebirth" — still makes us witnesses of the 1st feat — working … "
"Announcements", year 1998. "Will Hillary Clinton Seviarynets Paul?" — Under the headline of the newspaper reports about the letter wives and mothers of political prisoners to Hillary Clinton: "Two failures understood Belarus — Lukashenko and Chernobyl", — stated in the message. Its creators call the president of the South American wife and all the ladies of America "with his authority to support political prisoners in Belarus, Belarusian emigrants, as all people defending human rights, fighting for the restoration of democracy and rule of law in Belarus. "

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