Will participants sentences of days

19:13 Andrew Bykhovets, Dmitry Bykhovets and Natalia Yasevich punished by a court decision Partyzanski district of Minsk fines 30 baselines (1 million 30 thousand) each.
Referee Partyzanski court of Minsk Veronica Abramovich condemned the 1st of the favorites of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevycha 15 days of arrest. Kasia Galician sentenced to 10 days. Christina Shatsikava fined 30 basic units (1 million 50 thousand rubles).
16:45 Catherine Solovyov arrested for 5 days.
16:02 Baranovichi: Tribunal fined the participants of days Will
15:45 Referee Marianna Voltchkova Artur Finkevich condemned to 15 days in jail.
15:20 Ilya Bogdan — 15 days of arrest.
15:17 Russian district tribunal sentenced Eugene Afnagel 10 days of arrest.


15:15 Journalist of "Nasha Niva" Seeds Pechenko sentenced to 15 days in jail. Youth activist Maxim Vinyarski — For 10 days.
14:40 Series of sentences in Factory court. Ludmila Darling fined 5 baselines (175 thousand rubles), Eugene Petlitskii — By 25 basis (875 thousand rubles), Nicholas Adamovich — 30 basis (1,050 thousand rubles).
Russian tribunal acquitted Alexander Shostakovich. Mom Alexander explained in court that they were going to encounter with his son about filgarmonii because going to a concert, and even showed the tickets. Despite the testimony of police officers, the ref Oksana Relyava finished work. Currently Alexander Shostakovich may appeal against the illegal detention.
Activist "Jeans for Freedom" Nikita Shutsyankou Industrial district court fined 30 basis (1,050 thousand rubles).

In Guerrilla Tribunal brought Dmitry Dashkevycha, Dmitri and Andrei Buhavtsov, Christina Shatsikava, Natalia Yasevich, Lyubimov and Bartashuk.

In the factory, the court sentenced to 7 days of Alexander Krutkin. Lena Laptev referee fined 30 basis (1,050 thousand rubles) Vladimir Ivanova. In Russian court received 10 days AlesPanfilov.
In the Capital District Court judge just 17 people. Inna Klimutko was fined 30 basic units (1,050 thousand rubles) Gaysyankovich Olga — 15 basis (525 thousand rubles) Kiyavitsky Ilya — 25 basis (875 thousand rubles) 
Held the first sentence in Russian district court. Paul Turchaninava fined 30 basic units (1,050 thousand rubles).
13:20 Referee Partyzanski Chatsvyartkova district court gave three days of administrative arrest Andrew Belikov.Meanwhile, in the industrial district court fined Ales Milintsa.
13:00 Process takes over Artur Finkevich. Arthur said that his very beaten during his arrest, but more beat Dmitry Dashkevich. Policemen who detained Finkievich, they say that it Tipo invited pass the bus and he went there himself. At trial, evidence police — officers spetsroty frisky response Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. 

Artur Finkevich

In the first trial judge Guerrilla Vladimir Sergeyev.Arbitrator Veronica Abramovich gave him 15 days of administrative arrest. At trial, Sergeyev stated that during his detention he was beaten, torn odezhku. Police witnesses were that they did not use force.

In the corridors of the court

Vladimir Sergeev with adkavatkay

12:00 In the Tribunal brought Russian district of Minsk detained protesters yesterday. SWAT police made two chains, so as not to give associates and relatives of detainees to approach them. Bus pulled up to the side entrance to the courthouse, and from there brought 19 detainees. Standing next to another bus with detainees, which the police did not allow you to open the curtains. Meanwhile, place the courts in the metropolitan area, and some of the people who were held in Russian police district, was taken to the tribunal of the Industrial District. According to unconfirmed disk imaging, some people who are very beaten during his arrest, will be judged at the courthouse in Akrestsin.

11:00In Guerrilla Tribunal brought 5 people. This Arthur Finkievich, Kasia Galician, Catherine Solovyov, Vladimir Sergeev and another young boy, whose name is not yet clear. In Finkievich very beaten the left eye and the whole left side of the face. They all claimed lawyer — Svetlana Gorbatok protecting Sergeyev.

Soloviev Ekaterina

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