Will the brand new House of Representatives differ from the past?

Yesterday started the House of Representatives 4th convocation. What are the characteristics of the new deputies? Expect any independent steps of these deputies? How can we evaluate new control the House of Representatives?
Participants: Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation Vladimir Nistuk and editor of the online newspaper "Solidarity" Alexander Starikevich.

What features of the latest House of Representatives?

Valery KarbalevichValery Karbalevich"After the election, the enthusiasm for the brand new composition of the House of Representatives somehow immediately subsided. Yet the highest legislative body formally and presentable government began its work. What are the characteristics of the House of Representatives? Is the deputies something today?"
Vladimir Nistuk"It differs in that the basis of belief Lukashenko he made sterile soilless House of Representatives. There is not 1 person who could not even at home what to say — even loaf bad about today’s power.
Unlike in the fact that there is a large part of the deputies — are municipal bureaucrats. Plus it’s in the main elderly people. Because they are the least capable of some innovations, fear for their own destiny. House of Representatives is nothing to object to Lukashenko. This parliament, which Lukashenko has prepared for his own election to the fourth term.
Alexander Starikevich"In 1-x, let’s call a spade a spade. This is not a parliament, and the House of Representatives, Alexander Lukashenko. Fundamentally differences from the House of Representatives previous convocations I do not see. Yes, indeed, it completely sterilized. But unless changed to example, sonorous statements Kuczynski the House of Representatives? This body totally controlled by the Presidential Administration. "

The House of Representatives during certain changes

Karbalevich"The fact that a large number of deputies — representatives of this administration, the fact that most of the deputies — people of retirement or pre-retirement age, may indicate the occurrence of the next House of Representatives functions: to be a career cesspool place venerable reference managers.
But the House of Representatives will work during certain changes. Begins the economic crisis, likely to increase nezadavolennya population. Will the House of Representatives is obliged to react to this?
Then — new business with the EU. Will expand contacts with European parliamentarians. Later, the expected large-scale privatization, presidential elections. Can we expect some independent role of the deputies? "
Nistuk"Expect nothing. Since, first, all the changes that will occur in Belarus, will be carried out with the permission and by order of 1 person. Vo-2, they will not wear a fundamentally character. Indeed

Lukashenko is afraid to carry out reforms. 2011 the most important for him, and he prepared for it

Lukashenko is afraid to carry out reforms. 2011 the most important for him, and he prepared for it.
With regard to contacts with European MPs, I’d like to Western politicians were more turn. And they will not have to deal with people who are assigned to the role of the elect. Is that the only opportunistic politicians with business interests in Belarus. I think there are huge difficulties in the House with zabugornom contacts. "

Alexander StarikevichStarikevich"To quote the new chairman of the House of Representatives Andreychenko:" At certain external and internal circles wish that Parliament has become a hotbed of impermanence. I am sure colleagues that for heating such illusions we do not give any reason. "Here unnecessary comments.
What do they have to respond? These people are not elected, voters, and Lukashenko’s administration. And specifically to the administration they will keep a record. Gathered there all adults, perfectly understand what game they are playing. It’s already the fourth part of the House of Representatives. Because no surprises can not be expected. "

New control the House of Representatives

Karbalevich"It was expected that the chairman of the House of Representatives will be the Deputy Chief of Staff Popkov. But chose the former Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Vladimir Andreychenko, and his deputy — the former chairman of the executive committee of Shklovsky Valery Ivanov. What does the emergence of these people in the leadership of the House of Representatives? "

Vladimir NistukNistuk"14 years Andreychenko ran Vitebsk region and Lukashenko many times criticized for his bad performance. Clear that as head of the House of Representatives selects human Lukashenko himself. Andreychenko And will work in his favor.
And Ivanova I can not characterize as policy, because nothing about him heard. But if the House of Representatives itself incapable of autonomy and subject to the will of the 1st person, then the leaders of this structure will make the orders of the presidential administration. "

Meaning of his post as head of the House of Representatives

Starikevich"Not very fundamentally, who has held this position. Speaker of the House — is overseeing the orderly collective, who knows how to behave. ‘Cause it could be Popkov could be Popov — Managing preparatory House of Representatives.

For at least some of the country would be an unusual situation, if the second person in the parliament became unknown society people. And we have — okay.

How was it possible to answer the question why Popov?
For at least some of the country would be an unusual situation, if the second person in the parliament became unknown society people. And we have — okay. After Ivanov — Shklovsky area of known sources of reserve personnel. "
Karbalevich"I wish to make an objection. You state that it does not matter who holds office. But we have an example of when he was sent to the resignation of the previous chairman of the House of Representatives convocation Kanaplyou previous year. In 2003 he was sent to the chairman of the Council of the Republic of resignation (also disfranchised Body) Wojtowicz. For this even organized a special session. In other words Lukashenko believes these positions considerable, and it is of great importance who occupy them. "
Starikevich"Kanaplyou was punished for things that had no relationship to the House of Representatives. That he at that time was headed by a ministry, he would have been released from the post of minister. Managing loses his own chair when the oscillation is in its absolute loyalty.
So it was with Alexander Voitovich. The question is not that the government Lukashenko threatened his tenure as chairman of the Council of the Republic. Just the head of the country does not tolerate criticism from the address own person occupying such a position. "

ow society treats the House of Representatives?

Karbalevich"Here you state that the House of Representatives — a decorative body, it has no power. But if you look at the polls, the public sees the House of Representatives a little differently. Much of people thought it was a real authority."
Nistuk"I think the attitude of the population to that of the House of Representatives exchanged for the worse. Feel this from personal experience the role in the election campaign. Many people realize that they are fooled. The more sterile the House of Representatives, the least support it will use in society."
Starikevich"That part of society that looks for socio-political processes, to build this dekaratyvnasts. Contrast."

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