Will the opposition to boycott the elections?

Chairman of the Joint civilian Party Anatol Liabedzka said that the answer to the question regarding the boycott has been formulated as a result of discussions in 2007.

"It turned out that all the same more arguments in favor of the role, and not a boycott campaign. I was a member of the boycott campaign in 2000, but we must admit that since then there have been a variety of configurations. Then vote rigged, they were attributed. And now, in 2008, they simply no one would consider. And no matter how many will actually participate, and the number of roles and voting results will be those which will be registered in the "red house".
According Lebedko, principally during the campaign to make people aware that there are no elections in Belarus and no parliament.
"We need to mobilize people to the fact that they were still willing to go out and defend its right to choose from and the election. And we should not be in this situation, the ability to exclude the removal of all of its own people from one list for a few days before the vote. "

Favourite unregistered movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich said that the role is to take even in undemocratic elections.
"Form boycott principled and fulfilled in the world. But we do it efficiently, because this is not a lot of people find out that we did the boycott and not go to the polls only activists. I believe it must go to the polls, the ability to use the performances on radio and television, you need to go to the people. Later, you can always say from the outset that the elections undemocratic, can not be recognized. But sit down and do nothing — I am skeptical to that position. "

Favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich said that before the parliamentary campaign very fundamentally seek authority from transparent electoral process:
"If the government does not wish to provide it, the election must boycott. Worth only ones open a discussion or other forms of boycott. Participate But, of course, imposed from above in the scenario is very unsafe. Here it is necessary to all democratic forces to make the format of the boycott. There are several options: or candidates from the democratic forces are running, go to the polls, conducted the campaign and for a few days, subject to the power failure of democratization of the electoral process, these candidates are removed. Either version of the full non-role in the campaign. "
Press secretary of the CCP BPF Valery Buffalo said that his party would not take part in elections.
"Our position is unequivocal during all these electoral performances minded regime. We encourage people not to participate in these antidemocratic show. We call for a full, absolute boycott of all elections, declared the regime, and now. When anti-Belarusian regime can not be democratic elections, and undemocratic elections makes no sense to participate. "

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