Will there be any configuration of land policy?

April 22 on a trip to Grodno Alexander Lukashenko announced certain adjustments to the development of agriculture. Why did the authorities so far have not reduced the program from the construction of agro-towns? Or new steps will bear fruit head of state in agriculture? How to evaluate the municipal land policy in connection with the global food crisis?
Why did the authorities so stubbornly defended support agriculture?
Valery Karbalevich"After the announcement of Russian transition to market relations with Belarus, the increase in energy prices the last year the Belarusian authorities have made some configuration in economic policy. Thrifty to save money, embarked on energy savings, even adopted the prescriptions. Liquidated most of the social benefits . announced a reduction of state subsidies factory companies. significantly increased external debt.
But here’s the main and most inefficient sphere municipal subsidies — agriculture — the authorities were not touched. Aaplet wasteful construction agrotowns not changed. It was kind of a sacred beast. Why so firmly held power for agriculture? In what sense such a policy? "
Boris Zheliba"Since our collective and state farms (though under a different naming) land sector without government subsidies will not be able to exist. ‘Cause it and do not touch."
Konstantin Skuratovich"I immediately factored out of the political nuance, in other words, the factor that the village has always supported Lukashenko during various election campaigns, and because he is trying to help her financially.
I will read about the economic factors. Our agriculture is totally abdyarzhavlenaya. Collective and state farms have simply changed the title became known as cooperatives. Without these subsidies municipal cooperatives will go bankrupt. But you can not bankrupts state enterprise.
There are several forms of agriculture dating. And through a special fund, and directly from the budget. The main grants are made through the purchase prices, by which the average farm provides some level of profitability.
So we had a great level of production, the frail economy could be removed, goods for domestic use would be enough. But the level of production in Belarus itself.
Could be the problem of deciding if there were free food prices. And the market would show what the economy efficient and which are not. Efficient economy began to grow rapidly and would compensate for the products, which would produce unprofitable farms.
But the absolute liberalization selgasvytvorchastsi anywhere in the world. Government regulation applies everywhere. But other ways. "
Zheliba"We ruble finansovlozheny agricultural products is also produced on the ruble. Because if we cut subsidies, the proportional decrease of the land and production sector. Government is aware of this, and therefore does not reduce the subsidies."
Subsidies will be reduced
Karbalevich"The trip to Grodno Lukashenko outlined allegations of specific configurations of land policy. His words imply that agricultural subsidies will be reduced. Helping farms are strong, joined feeble, will host another vzbuynenne land cooperatives. Eventually decrease the number of agro-towns, to be built. Ivie That area will decrease their number almost doubled. addition, given the command again to use derelict land. seems that these configurations in the main smart. As in Western countries, it is necessary to support effective management. "
Zheliba"This is not the first statement of this kind. Feeble economy and previously attached to the strong, and according to statistics it appeared that unprofitable collective farms decreased.
The program agrotowns construction from the outset faced certain neuvvyazkami. Quality built homes was low, some people refuses to live there. Maybe because it was decided to farm consolidation and reducing their number. A derelict land must get involved in economic turnover, it’s true. "
Skuratovich"There is no clear definition of what is" agro. "In my opinion, it is the former central manor farms, which it was decided to name the word. There was a definite social infrastructure, which is currently trying to strengthen. Earlier collective contain this social structure. On Currently it is transferred to local governments. Nearly all depends on whether the executive committee means to contain it all. agrogorodok If funds can not earn their living, then what read?
Since 1990, when the characteristics of the agricultural production in Belarus had the highest rural population decreased by 830 thousand people, in other words a quarter. Over the past year in the number of farms of cattle decreased by 16%. This means that the same rate will decrease and the rural population. Because the construction of agro-towns — completely hopeless task. In other words, the authorities do not offer social and technological solution to problems of agriculture.
On the placing on the market of abandoned land also needs money. The effectiveness of this will not increase. "
Global food crisis and Belarus
Karbalevich"How to evaluate the municipal land policy in connection with the global food crisis? Prices of food products in the world grow, eventually some countries had been languid state.
Lukashenko says that this confirms the correctness of our policy. Say, we are very supportive of agriculture, and because at the moment, guarantee food security. And now, according to Lukashenko, Belarus has much to benefit from rising food prices by selling their products abroad. Indeed, the export of food, first in Russia, grows. "
Zheliba"Direct connection, I can not see. If our agriculture based on private property, it would be more efficient and could produce more exports.
But we have what we have. Naturally, you need to take a moment that increased world prices and sell in Russia that can. But we have such a huge export reserves that on this basis to increase the standard of living of the villagers. "
Skuratovich"The global food crisis itself for itself, and our agriculture itself. Creating meat we — 70 kg per capita. If we sell, for example, 20 kg, then we ourselves are not enough.’s When the last year started intensive export milk powder, the shortages of milk products appeared in Minsk and other cities.
Generally in animal creation is 80% of the 1990 level. In other words its export potential is very large. In plant not too much that can be sold. The main rye, sugar. A need to import wheat hard species, the prices of which grow rapidly in the world, marine fish, fruit. If we compare the volume of export and import selgasvytvorchastsi, it turns out that the growth in global food prices benefit, we do not have. "
Zheliba"Naturally, it is necessary to strive first for the domestic market. There’s a huge wealth. But export prices higher than the prices in the domestic market, and it encourages manufacturers to export."
Skuratovich"Wages in agriculture accounted for 40% of the national average. That total export growth and rising global food prices. Generally wages are low in the country, because if boost domestic food prices, for what we will take all these beauties? "Tags: policy, land

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