Will there syngapuryzatsyya Belarus?

Tsigankov: "In his letter, Alexander Lukashenko, read about the need to investment, innovation and economic bloc was specifically devoted much attention. Some analysts have already talked about in Belarus, may be, begins the process of "authoritarian modernization". Do you agree with this version? "
Hurt: "In fact, the process of" authoritarian modernization "or, as one economic analyst," Singaporization "Belarus has already begun. And started on the apparent resistance of the Belarusian leader. His statement confirms that he was obliged to recognize the pressure of events that forced him to go a certain economic reforms.
But right and left political nuance of his performance, with offensive attacks in the address of the opposition. And this contradicts the speech component installations on economic changes. Because the likely outcome of such reform of the economy will not go, even in the framework of which were in Singapore. As this would be contrary to the logic of political behavior Alexander Lukashenko "
Tsigankov: "Why about certain topics Lukashenko still can not read relaxed, balanced? It first opposition and, namely, Alexander Kozulin …"
Hurt: "After Lukashenko feels that at least some reform, even exclusively in the sphere of economy, can get out of control and lead to political change, as a result of which it can lose its power. And it dictates" emotional ", violent attacks on the opposition in general and directly on Alexander Kozulin, which Lukashenko apparently as its main enemy, and believes that it threatens the stability of government. "
Tsigankov: "It seems that you evaluate critical attacks Lukashenko in the address of the organization’s" Snow White Rus "How they were sincere, or they really reflect skepticism Lukashenko to this project?"
Hurt: "I think just words of the head of the country there were sincere and reflected his real skepticism to this project. Political party, even "manual" does not fit into the logic of the vertical of power, which made Alexander Lukashenko. "

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